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I have a question...I am a new NICU nurse and have been off orientation about 1 month. Tonight was my first night taking care of an intubated baby on my own and I already feel like I've done something wrong. The baby was a 26... Read More

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    Oh no, I had 12 weeks of orientation...I have been off orientation for a month. Which imo that assignment was still a little much considering prior to this night I was taking 3:1 feeder growers. Haven't even bagged a baby before that night! And sadly no, no resource nurse either. My nursery roommate was a brand new nurse who had been off orientation for only 2 weeks so basically no experience between the two of us. Thank goodness for experienced nurses across the hall. I've never been happier to see those familiar faces than when they came to help me.

    And no, I guess I'm not sure it was formula but he was a q2 feeder and both "events" occurred 45mins-1 hour after a feeding. It looked like I'm assuming that was what it was. I thought his air leak was the cause...which according to the vent could be as high as 90% based on his position.. The MD and other nurses said possibly bad reflux...I was content with that answer but the dayshift nurse, like I said, made me doubt myself and kind of gave me the impression that I did something wrong. I honestly cried a few relief tears to your alls responses of reflux or something that was beyond my control.

    Thank you for the support
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    Never let hags steal your happiness!
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    Hey! I resemble that remark!!
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    Either severe reflux or the ETT was in the esophagus.

    With tiny neonates, there just isn't much wiggle room with proper ETT placement. Even a small amount of play with the tape can dislodge a tube.

    If the x-ray was benign, that makes me think it was ETT placement. I guess time will tell when feeds are restarted.

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