From Mom Baby to NICU??

  1. Wondering if you experienced NICU RNs can help me out...I started my career as an RN in adult med-surg and hated it! Mainly because they give you too many patients and it was way too stressful for that reason. I have now been on a mom-baby floor for 6 months and I really like it, we usually get 3 or 4 couplets and I usually leave work without feeling stressed which I thought would never be possible as an RN! I decided to apply for a level 3 NICU internship and have an interview coming up but I'm having second thoughts about going to the interview since it would be night shift and a 40 minute drive from my house. Any of you start in mom-baby and fall in love with NICU? I like the idea of working in a critical care setting but I'm afraid I'll regret leaving mom-baby! I know it will be more stressful but having 1-2 patients should make it manageable right?
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  3. by   nohika
    Worst case maybe keep a PRN job in M/B in case you want to go back?
  4. by   poppmom
    I am in the opposite position. I have worked the last 5 years in NICU and LOVED every second of it. My husband is military and has moved us. The only job I could find close by was mom/baby. I thought it would be fine. However, they do gyn and ante- partems on this particular floor. I HATE it!! The other nurses are soooooo very nice. I just can't seem to get over the fact that my patients are behind closed doors, that babies aren't assessed every 1-3 hrs, that some of my pt's are no longer child-bearing people. I don't know what to do. I am used to VERY involved 2-3 pt assignment and now have 6-8 pts. I have only been on orientation a few weeks, but I just don't know if I'll ever adjust. Thoughts??
  5. by   stephkneew
    Well I'd definitely give it a few weeks at least, the pace is probably a lot slower compared to NICU since all the patients are independent and care for the babies on their own (for the most part). I almost consider it more of education-type nursing job, especially with breast feeding-which was weird for me because I don't have children or experience caring for babies. After about 3 or 4 months I felt a lot more comfortable and felt confident educating new moms. Thanks for your input! Still torn on what to do...kind of intimidated by NICU!
  6. by   TiffyRN
    I came from telemetry to NICU. It was a huge decrease in general overall stress and big increase in job satisfaction. But I do experience shifts that leave me stressed even after going home.

    I know a few nurses that came from mother/baby to NICU. I'm not saying they don't do well, but they often really tend to want to stay with the lower acuity infants and are really stressed out by more acute infants.

    I have found myself somewhere in the middle, enjoying working with the feeder/growers to the middle acuity infants. Overall, I am completely satisfied with my change but I didn't come from mom/baby.
  7. by   stephkneew
    Thanks that was very helpful....I had my interview today. Educator said nurses get 2 level 3 babies or 3 level 2s which seems reasonable right? I think I will be one of those that prefers level 2 babies for sure. Guess I could always transfer to a level 2 Nicu after awhile if it reminds me too much of my med-surg days!