Do you use Biosensors from Vital Care Products?

  1. We are starting to look at these type of systems to use on our lines. It is a closed blood draw set. It looks wonderful and we have played with them, but wondering if anyone else uses them, loves them, likes them or hates them! TIA!
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  3. by   SteveNNP

    We used them for about a year on my last unit. They take FOREVER to prime, they require extra tubing, extra fluid bags, and you end up with a bulky syringe next to the baby. We had a bunch of babies get WAY too much fluid via the flush, because you can easily lose track of how much flush you're giving them through the 12cc syringe. They also tend to leak/crack. I had a baby lose about 5-10ccs of blood when one leaked back onto the bed. Luckily we caught it early!
  4. by   BittyBabyGrower
    I played with it a bunch the other day and found some quirks I didn't like. Once, somehow, I ended up with fluid in that sheath over the syringe...what the heck! And the stopcocks aren't the points to the way off and the other points to the way on...that is really screwed up!

    Have you worked with any other systems that are similar? I love the concept, but we have a meeting for our PI group this week and I am going to show them a mock up again. And it probably didn't help that they guy who did our inservice didn't seem well versed.
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  5. by   SteveNNP
    No. After we trialed them for a while, we hated them so much that we went back to the old way of drawing blood, with either the 3 gtt method or syringes/stopcocks.
  6. by   lmcnabbkv
    we just got this system, after trialing 2 closed systems...i feel it's bulky and can introduce micro bubbles. hte idea of a closed system is great but i'd still like to see other systems