Cudos to the NICU Nurse

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    I saw this article in my local online newspaper and immediately thought of this site to share it. I am not a nurse but have always been interested in medicine. I have 2 daughters that are nurses and couldn't be more proud. I guess you could call me a lurker here, but I have learned so much just from coming here every night to read the posts. I have a new admiration for all nurses, no matter the specialty. I have been a patient a few times and always try to treat my nurses(s) with respect and not ask them to do anything that is not absolutely necessary, and even then I won't disturb them if I know they are really busy. Ok, I've rambled enough. I just wanted to share this article with you and say Thank You to all the nurses here.
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    I'm an ED troglodyte myself but do love me some NICU nurses.


    a grateful NICU dad
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    Quote from ♪♫ in my ♥
    I'm an ED troglodyte myself but do love me some NICU nurses.


    a grateful NICU dad
    Even those of us who are tyrants? >
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    Wow! What an amazing article. NICU nurses are definitely a special group...and yes Bortaz, even the tyrants or maybe I should say especially the tyrants.
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    Oh no not the tyrant thread again
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    My reply was purely tongue in cheek. 😊
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    Thank you for posting. What a great article highlighting some of the many things NICU nurses go through. As a future nursing student, this totally inspires me to want to be a great nurse
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    I LOVE this letter. Does anyone know where it originated?
    I am a NICU nurse and we have all passed this around and shed a tear!
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    Paige15 This article was in an online newspaper here in my hometown of Chattanooga, TN but states that the hospital was somewhere in North Carolina. Here's a link to the original post
    Dear NICU Nurse ......I'm so happy that you all have enjoyed the article.

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