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Hi there, I have a couple questions regarding cooling of infants with possible hypoxic brain injury, basically,how successful is it? Our NICU is tiny, only 8 beds and we dont really see much of this but are looking at starting,... Read More

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    Esophageal probe (continuous), skin temp probe (continuous, and specific to the cooling machine set up- not the one used on the beds), and axillary temps are what we use.

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    My facility does cooling of newborns for HIE and I just went to a conference that covered this topic. Our neo who specializes in this said it's successful in helping 1 in 8 babies. Pretty crappy odds, but I guess if you're the one baby who it helped, it's important.

    The level of success will also depend on how closely the protocol is followed and ideally the baby should be cooled within 6 hours of birth.

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