CHARGE Syndrome?

  1. Today was my first day on my new unit. I saw lots of great things and learned lots of new info, but I do have one question. One of the patients has a syndrome called CHARGE. Can anyone out there explain what that is?
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  3. by   2ndCareerRN
    here ya go:

    CHARGE Syndrome refers to children with a specific set of birth defects. "CHARGE" originally came from the first letter of some of the most common features seen in these children: C = coloboma, H = heart defects, A = atresia of the choanae, R = retardation of growth and development, G = genital and urinary abnormalities, E = ear abnormalities and/or hearing loss.
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    Thank you so much. I didn't realize that I would still have to study after I graduated nursing school!
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    On NICU, you will never stop reading!
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    I thought this thread was about bossy charge nurses.