Buying a Littmann?

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    I will be starting out in the NICU as a new grad in August. My question is, should I invest in a really great infant sethescope? I am really contemplating buying a Littmann Classic II, do you experience NICU nurses think that is a good idea or should I just use the disposable ones on the unit. Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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    I would wait and see how the unit stethescopes work out for you before buying one. Plus the unit may not even let you use a stethescope from baby to baby. Depends on the infection control policies in your unit.
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    Our unit uses the Littman scopes for our babies, they work great. I wouldn't buy one though, as was previously mentioned by Steve-our kids each have a designated stethoscope at their beside, I think that is probably the case at most hospitals.
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    Ok thank you both for your replies!
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    We have stethoscopes at each bedside. But I have a friend at another level III, and they have to supply their own.

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