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Does anyone have any information on what to expect as a new RN at winthrop.The orientation process,Patient ratios,How staff get along with eachother.Things like that would be helpful,I will be starting there this month.Thanks... Read More

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    Quote from Dina_RN
    Hi LaminyRN,

    I was browsing AllNurses for a Winthrop thread and yours is the first I saw. In your response to a user you mentioned that you have been working at Winthrop since April 2007 (ish). Are you still at Winthrop? If so then that is a great sign for me. I was just offered a position. On the interview they had mentioned that they had just let go of one of their new hires though. They also mentioned that they had a hard time finding preceptors to precept the new RN hires. This made me feel a little uneasy. I have 5 months of ICU experience, but I will be switching to Winthrop because I was offered a position in the area which I have always wanted to pursue. I am very hardworking and easy to get along with, but the two little details that I've just mentioned about my Unit are making me uncertain. How was your experience during orientation and during the weekly meetings? I got an ICU job fresh out of Nursing School so I feel like those 5 months helped me tremendously. But I'm not sure any new hire will be happy on a unit where the preceptors don't really want to precept. Yikes.

    Any feedback about this would be great. Thank you Laminy!
    I have two friends who have been working at Winthrop for more than 10 years...what floor/unit are they offering the job on? They both worked on a few different floors over the years and we all know NURSES TALK - so they might be able to give me some info even if it's not their unit.

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    Hi Risgirl,

    I don't want to mention the unit publicly. I'm not sure how to send private messages on AllNurses, but if you know how to feel free to send me a private message. Your feedback would be great.

    Thank you!
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    Hi "Nurse-Julie",

    I sent you a private message. To check your private messages:
    1. click on the drop down menu under "My Account
    2. Go to Private Messages
    3. And the new message should show up in your inbox

    Hope to hear from you soon!
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    hello, I was just wondering if you or anyone accepted the position at Winthrop. If so, how was the pharmacology test during orientation? What did it consist of and was it unit oriented?
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    monsterRN, did you apply online for a position?

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