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    Hello everyone:

    I've been applying for RN jobs at White Plains Hospital since February and all of my applications have been rejected. The minimum education level is an AAS. I am now enrolled in a BSN program and tried applying again over the last 2 months and still- rejected. I have externship experience but apparently they are not impressed. Has anyone been hired by White Plains Hospital over the past 5 months? Any nurses have information of White Plains Hospital?

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    I've applied to some positions with them as an experienced nurse and I haven't received any replies. Their loss!

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    I heard Westchester Medical Center is more hire friendly. I also heard last year that they have open houses for new grads. I don't know if they are still do that but I know many got hired from those open houses. You should try them.
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    I check Westchester Medical religiously and they haven't had any new job postings (aside from a couple requesting experience) in months! The market is tough for new grads

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