What is the Nurse salary in the NY area - page 2

I know this can be a taboo subject but I just want to know on average how much nurses make an hour. Preferably how much would it cost for a new grad after taxes and is single. Private hospitals and... Read More

  1. by   estrellaCR
    Do not worry about what the pay is...in NYC it starts at 65K. When I was applying for jobs I did not care what the pay was as long as I got hired and the hospital had orientation of at least 6 weeks. As a new grad you cannot afford to be picky on what you get paid...most new grads will take any job, esp in a hospital, without even thinking about the pay. Like they say, cross the bridge when you get there.
  2. by   Paige15
    I am thinking about travel nursing in NY. Whats the major differences nurses notice in private versus public hospitals? Are travle nurses welcomed? Also is there only orientation programs for new grads? What if I were to move to NYC?