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    Hello New York Nurses!..Anybody who is currentlly working in Kingsbrooke Jewish Medical Center? is the vicinity safe? are there apartments or rooms that are reasonble in rates for a new immigrant nurse? is the neighborhood safe specialy at night? in addition what does interim permit means and how long is it validity? if by chance I have not passed my NCLEx can I apply for another permit? or be demoted as a CNA? any information will be highly appreciated thank you and God Bless you all.
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    Please anyone out there help me..with my last post regarding my questions about my Hospital in Brooklyn, N.Y.
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    Greetings from Central New York!!
    Onondaga County, to be exact.
    Nice to see a variety of folks from all over our beautiful state.
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    Hello everyone in the beautiful Empire State--I live in NYC but love to visit upstate
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    hello new york nurses...i am in the house. I have been accepted into the SW BOCES 10month LPN program....YEA me! Hope to keep contact as much as possible.

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    Hello all! I am starting prenursing classes in the fall. I am now living in Southwestern NY (south of buffalo) and am originally from Long Island.

    To the posters that asked about the hospitals in Brooklyn and the Bronx. It would really depend on the neighborhood..but if I had to guess about its safety at night..I would guess no. (There are some really nice parts and some really not so nice parts and without knowing which one the hospital in question falls in I prefer to side with caution)

    Perhaps someone that knows the areas better than I do will chime in and help you out.
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    Quote from stuffbubby541
    hello new york nurses...i am in the house. I have been accepted into the SW BOCES 10month LPN program....YEA me! Hope to keep contact as much as possible.

    Congratulations!!!! and welcome to the wonderful world of .Even though you will feel overloaded with work that still needs to be done, and overwhelmed by the exams you will have to take, just know you can always come to Allnurses for support. There's an excellent student forum here just loaded with lots of info. This site is packed with a wealth of resources of every kind including some humor packed in at times.
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    Quote from mm4785
    I think you would have to contact your state board of nursing as a starting point - but why not just continue with your studies? If you've already completed your prerequisites just go ahead and finish.
    It will not be easy to challenge the LPN nclex (if it's even possible) and since you are in school you will be adding significantly to your academic workload. Why take two NCLEX (PN & RN) if you don't have to - taking one is bad enough. This is a link to a site with info on the PN NCLEX http://caring4you.net/lpnnclex.html I hope this is helpful. Nursing is not easy, but obviously it isn't impossible to enter the field - I made it. Have more confidence in yourself.
    Thanks alot for the advice sorry about not responding to you much earlier. I'm finally graduating in December as R.N.. I am so glad I did'nt challenge the LPN nclex and decided to have more confidence in myself.

    Take care
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    Hi To All! Im Mutya, A New Member. I Just Passed The Philippine Licensure Exam And Planning To Take The Nclex Soon. My State Of Choice Is New York... I Just Want To Ask What Is Cvs For Nystate And What Should Be Done First? Nclex Or The Cvs?is Cgfns The Same With Cvs? ... Also, How Is Life In New York? Is The Cost Of Living High Or Nurses Can Afford It? How Is The Housing Rentals?... Your Responces Will Be Very Much Appreciated... Thanks To All In Advance... God Bless Us Nurses!
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    The cost of living in New York City is very high. If you can find a couple friends to room with, and split the expenses, it might work for you.

    There are other large cities in New York state as well, with the cost of living being much lower.

    Jamestown, NY is located in western New York state, and is where the actress, Lucille Ball is from if you have heard of her.

    Buffalo, NY is also located in extreme western New York state. My daughter lived the for a while, and there are several hospitals there to apply to. The only thing is, it's located just off the Niagara River, and Lake Erie, and the snow piles up.

    There is also Albany, New York, and Syracuse New York if you would be interested. There is an airport in Albany, and there are 4 lane highways accessible to both cities. I don't know about the cost of living in either area, but my thought is it would less costly than New York City.

    Columbia Presbyterian hospital, affiliated with Columbia University, has several hospitals. I was in the Neurological Institute twice.

    There's also St Vincent's Hospital, Harlem hospital, and Belleview hospital. This is just naming a few.

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