Waiting for the Adult Learning Mid Manhattan LPN acceptance letter - page 2

I took and passed both C-NET and TEAS tests to get into the Adult Learning Mid Manhattan LPN program in NY. I had my interview last week (think I sucked on my essay eventhough I do well with those... Read More

  1. by   yupthischickanurse
    I picked Brooklyn bc I live in Queens
  2. by   CindyGRosario
    Did you have good scores imsofocused? I live in the Bronx so I have to pick manhattan.
  3. by   Marga777
    I picked Brooklyn.Hopefully we all will be in.
  4. by   amarin
    I did good on both exams. I kicked but on the teas reading. But all the other scores were average or slightly above. I was told I was one of six who passed both the teas and cnet from the prep program within the desired range. I feel pretty good about that. I'm trying to get ready for everything mentally. It's going to be a trip for that year. Woot.
  5. by   angellove6776
    Any advice on what these tests consist of or the difficulty level thanks !
  6. by   yupthischickanurse
    Amarin I honestly don't know what I got I just know that I passed. lol
    I have not looked at the paper sinve my interview.

    Amarin why do you have an interview so many months after?

    im worried now that they closed Goldwater, along with trying to find a teachers and such what will happen?

    anyone call the school for an update?
  7. by   Marga777
    I think we should get the letter in the middle of June.What was the dates?
  8. by   CindyGRosario
    No exact dates were given. It just says by July we'll get a letter. Can someone call them up and find out if they started sending out letters yet?
  9. by   Marga777
    I don't think they send anything otherwise somebody would receive it
    amarin Thank you I can not sent messages yet
  10. by   amarin
    I'm pretty sure they will send the letters in a few weeks. Just have to sit tight and cross our fingers and toes.
  11. by   CindyGRosario
    I'm just so anxious lol
  12. by   amarin
    I know. Me too. I think we all are.
  13. by   yupthischickanurse
    Yes we are!