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Waiting for the Adult Learning Mid Manhattan LPN acceptance letter


I took and passed both C-NET and TEAS tests to get into the Adult Learning Mid Manhattan LPN program in NY. I had my interview last week (think I sucked on my essay eventhough I do well with those just my nerves) and now I have to wait until I get the letter of acceptance! The problem is that I have to wait all the way till June-July! Gosh this is driving me crazy. I have everything riding on this. They say dont put all your eggs in one basket..well I did!

I spoke to someone there and the issues is the number of teachers this year, as well as the space because they are closing the Goldwater school on Roosevelt Island. Only two sites left which is the Brooklyn and Manhattan one. Also, they are only accepting 120 students.

I have faith and believe God has a plan for me but Lord the wait is a killer!

I feel in my heart I will get in but with so many essays to read and limited space, I may just get lost in the long process. I have the money that I saved up to pay it in full first day. I have books that im ready to buy to study before school starts just to give myself a head start. Ready to map my schedule for studying time for the whole program. I even have a friend that has her BSN to help me study.


Its like when you dont have money you see everthing you want in the store but when you do have it theres nothing to spend it on. Then again thats not a good metaphor.

Who else is waiting for a letter? Anyone else think about this every second besides me?

Oh this is my first topic on allnurses so hello all! : )

Well, I can't give much info to ease your mind, but I just took my computer based test and received the application packet on Wed., April 24th, with 20 working days to complete paperwork/requirements and schedule my interview. I'm schedule for next week. So I assume there are a few others from my pool that are doing the same, so they're probably just waiting for everyone.

On another note, have you found this to be super stressful?? I feel like I had to read between the lines and guess for information about what will happen in their whole process lol. Lawd, the stress! And how was the interview? What should I expect? And I had NO IDEA that there was such limited space...now I'm even more stressed! I too have sooo much riding on this. I take my physical tomorrow...hope my blood pressure isn't high from this nonsense lol. Thanks in advance and best of luck to both of us!! ;)

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Yes I would like to know how is the interview


I am in the prep program at Goldwater. I took the cnet just recently, and waiting to hear back as well. I'm pretty nervous. But we'll see.

You're not the only one! I am also stressed out about being accepted. I did everything and just patiently waiting. I had my interview in February and the waiting doesn't get any better :( good luck!

Well I guess we all will have no hair by the time we get our letters

Lmao, I'll still have hair but it will be gray! I wish I can get that email/letter on my birthday (June 20) but that's asking for too much lol

Amarin, I'm unable to reply to private messages. But I believe my interview went well and was told by the interviewer that she thinks I'll get in and not to worry do much. I wonder if she says that to everyone...I don't like false hope :(

Amarin' date=' I'm unable to reply to private messages. But I believe my interview went well and was told by the interviewer that she thinks I'll get in and not to worry do much. I wonder if she says that to everyone...I don't like false hope :([/quote']

I think we all have a fair shot. We'll find out soon enough. I have my interview Thursday. Will be happy to know my next steps. I'm picking the Manhattan campus. Which one do you guys want to go to?

Hope it goes well :) I also picked Manhattan. I wonder when is the last day to interview before they start making their selections?

Did you have good scores imsofocused? I live in the Bronx so I have to pick manhattan.

I picked Brooklyn.Hopefully we all will be in.

I did good on both exams. I kicked but on the teas reading. But all the other scores were average or slightly above. I was told I was one of six who passed both the teas and cnet from the prep program within the desired range. I feel pretty good about that. I'm trying to get ready for everything mentally. It's going to be a trip for that year. Woot.

Any advice on what these tests consist of or the difficulty level thanks !