Wagner Fall 2013 ABSN - page 8

I just submitted my application, anyone else looking into this program? Wondering how much they weigh TEAS scores vs. GPA vs. experience?... Read More

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    It still doesn't come up but I think word will get around once the program starts. We are all going to get connected I'm sure.

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    I really don't know what to tell you because it's changed to public so now anyone can find it. You must not be looking right then. Try to look for it in groups rather than just typing it in to the search box.
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    hi i'm planning starting wagner's 15 mo nursing program this fall. is there any advice you guys have? do you like the program? what are the good and the bad parts of it?

    and I'm always looking into living off campus do any of you know a good area to get an apartment?

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