University of Rochester May 2013

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    Hello all! Just wanted to start a thread for students starting the accelerated nursing program at U of R this May. Figured we might have some questions about the school, city and living arrangements. I'm super excited to start the program! Oh, and I'm a 24 year old male moving from Buffalo, NY.

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    Hey! I was accepted as well! I am pretty excited about the program and getting to know everyone. We actually just moved to Rochester this past weekend.
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    Glad to hear from someone else in the program! I'm hoping to move in May or June. Find a nice neighborhood? I'm Chad btw.
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    Hey there, happen to know how many students were accepted into your cohort?
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    Hey guys! So glad this thread was made. I'll be joining you at the U of R this May. Any idea where either of you guys will be living? I'm moving from California so I have no idea where to start with the whole living situation. thanks!
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    With the living situation I guess it would depend on your mode of transportation. Right now my wife and I are in a rental in the Park Ave area. A great area if you have a car to get to work (I'm not familiar with public transit here). About a 10-15 minute drive. Also there are a bunch of old abpnn threads that have advice about where to live. Do a quick search and you may get a good feel. The house we are renting will be available early May as we are moving into a permanent home here. If any of you are looking to room together it would be a pretty nice house for up to 4 people and I could put you in touch with my landlord. Other areas I read about were white coat district, south wedge. Our favorite was Park Ave so that's why we rented there.
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    62 or 63 I believe
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    Hey everyone! I am still waiting to hear from one more school, but I am fairly sure I will be coming to Rochester this May too. I got in to Columbia, but I kind of hate NYC, so I am thinking of coming to the U of R instead. I will be moving from southern California and I have never been to Rochester before, so I would love to hear more about it from people who live there now! I have a dog and I love to hike and snowboard and be outdoors and I am hoping I can do those things in Rochester. Anyways, I am very excited to meet everyone! Maybe we should start a facebook group?
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    Thanks nickpwalters! I'll definitely look through the old threads and also look into Park ave.

    Danimo12- I'm also moving from So Cal and would love to hear more about Rochester too! I'm curious... are you bringing your dog with you if you decide on the U of R? I have a dog I absolutely adore and I'm pretty sure I'll be bringing her with me but I've heard how hard and time consuming the program will be. Just wondering what your thoughts are on that... thank you!

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