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Does anyone have any information on the nusing program at Touro College in Brooklyn. I am interested in applying, but would like some information about there curriculum, admission process and tuition. Thanks a bunch:typing... Read More

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    To: Natingale and am0r803,

    Are you studying your nursing degree at Touro Nevada?

    Since you already started the program and clinicals, I would like to
    know if what are the necessary things that I need to do to prepare myself,
    I meant, what are the things that you can suggest? I will start my BSN Degree this coming
    November and I would appreciate your advises.

    Hoping for your reply.


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    hi ! I have a couple of questions , about Touro College ASN RN program , Maybe you can answer from a students prespective?

    -I am looking to attend and sign up for the program for JUNE 13'
    I yet still have to take the NLN exam , How was it ? What did you study that helped you best? Are you familiar with any tutors? I want to be as prepared as I can be,I am really looking forward to starting ASAP.How much did you study to pass the test ?

    - Also, Are the credits really transferable to LIU BSN ... ? I am unsure of this and a bit scared !

    I want to hear from you , Please contact me back !

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