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Hello everyone, well, I have been reading through posts here for a while, trying to find discussions about moving to nyc and such, the thing is I am ready for a change and this past year I visited... Read More

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    Hey ,yeya... i actually work at Lukes and they hired me as an ADN and i work in the ED. They also pay for housing for full time employees so rent can be doable in NYC. although i have lived almost my whole life in the outer boroughs, the city is WAY TOO EXPENSIVE and i love the diversity that the outer boroughs can provide, ie great food , experiences and people.
    I now actually commute from Long island and the drive isnt bad, its faster than when i drove in from good luck with your search and apply now. i hear they are looking at my hospital
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    Hi Ronin! Thank you for your reply and info, that is awesome to know that they do accept ppl with associates in some hospitals, if you dont mind me asking, how much did they start you at? I know and have tried to understand how expensive it is to live in the city, what I dont get is why do sooo many people state that it would be too expensive to live there or would not be able to afford it. what I got from this website and other places is that usually hospital nurses in the nyc are started at around 70 grand a year, now I already calculated the taxes that they take out (a lot for sure!) and calculated how much it would cost to live with one or 2 roommates, and I figured I could spend around 1000 to 1300 a month to rent a room, I know that is a lot to just rent a room but I really want to live in the city. So what else am i missing? I come from a place in FL where the cost of living is quite high compared to other places in the US, but when I visited new york it felt that the other things like groceries and such were all the same price when compared to the places here, so what am I missing? if you got some info for me please let me know. And once again thanks for your reply, I am now gonna start the process of applying for my license up there.
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    i knoe of some places in florida that are comparable to living in the city. If its something you want to do then do it! its a great place to work . The money is better here than in other places, ive heard Cali is even better and pt loads are lighter, i could be wrong, though. i started 2 years ago and base was 73 k. with night diff and CEN cert im making close to 82k after 2 years. I may leave and go somewhere closer to home due to the high stress and acuity in my hospital. The commute isnt making sense anymore for me ,but we will see. good luck
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    Ronin185 thank you for your input, if you dont mind me asking, how long were you a nurse before you started there? I've heard about cali and yes it sounds great, I thought maybe I could go there later on in my career, I am just excited about the idea of getting out of florida.
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    i worked as a paramedic for 16 years before getting hired. it took me 8 months to land the job. It was hard because i was a new grad and some thought my school wasnt " a true nursing school" so there was some hesitation. all in all it worked out for the hospital and myself.
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    Ronin, thank you for your input, if you dont mind me asking another question, how long was your orientation period as a new grad? and do you know how long they orient new employees into your ED? I also went into the ED as a new grad so that is why I am interested
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    i was oriented for 6 months since i was a new grad. nurse with experience is usually 2-4 weeks depending on how experienced they are. at my place you cant just throw someone in but from what i see for job openings there are plenty of ed fellowships.
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    I think this image sums up the NYC job market:
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    well I have been applying like crazy and so far i have spoken with some nurse recruiters but nothing solid yet
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    Yes! I got a job! start this next week!!!!!!!!!!!!
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