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Hi everyone!! I applied to Southern Westchester Boces and I am scheduled to take my entrance exam next Thursday. I am looking for anyone who has attended or has recently been accepted to the school.... Read More

  1. by   alicia219
    I was seated in the Full Time. It seems alright so far, but a 3 day 6 hour each orientation seems a little bit excessive to me. I wish we'd get more class info, like syllabus and reading/hw assignments. Does anyone have the information for the Shadow Health resource? I got the list of books when I handed in my depsit but can't seem to find the Shadow Health info anywhere.
  2. by   Manekoneko
    I only found out about the Shadow Health today, so no info at all.I guess we have to wait till Wedn when person who knows about it comes. I hope they give us assignments for the week until next Wednesday. Then again we can always start studying A&P.
  3. by   Trillianaaa
    Hello ,
    can anyone give me any info on the math section of the entrance exam? Does boces sw offer a practice exam for prospective students to look over? Im trying to take the entry exam in the next 60 days , has anyone used financial aide for the course how has tht experience been?
  4. by   alicia219
    Hi there! I'm currently in the full time and went through everything you are so best of luck! The math is pretty basic algebra, long division, decimals, multiplication, fractions, etc. They don't allow a calculator for the exam. SW BOCES does have a practice book/exam you can buy from them for $80. I still have mine and it's in great clean condition, I didn't write in it and would be happy to sell it to you for the same price - I just have no use for it anymore and don't know what to do with it. Let me know!
  5. by   smartiipants
    Hey guys, how's it going in the program so far? I'm a previous student. Need advice, help, or notes?
  6. by   ShydaiNurse2be:)
    Quote from smartiipants
    Hey guys, how's it going in the program so far? I'm a previous student. Need advice, help, or notes?
    yes please we are all really struggling in A&P, if you have anything (a&p, nutrition, pharmacology, and med surge it would help tremendously)
  7. by   alicia219
    Yes please! I'm in the full time that just started in September. Can you or anyone else give some insight into the Gerontology project we have to do for the first clinical rotation? Specifically, I'm assigned the physiological aspect - the first 6 body systems. How is it post grad life?
  8. by   smartiipants
    Quote from ShydaiNurse2be:)
    yes please we are all really struggling in A&P, if you have anything (a&p, nutrition, pharmacology, and med surge it would help tremendously)
    Who's your A&P teacher? I'll see what I can dig up
  9. by   smartiipants
    Post grad life is not as less stressful as you would assume it to be. It's a struggle finding a job that's not LTC, skill-less, or pays pennies. The gerontology project I actually had a different part and used my med-surf textbook for. It wasn't clearly explained to us at all, so we were just as clueless as you.
  10. by   alicia219
    I see, yeah I'm hoping to not work in a nursing home as well. Have you been able to find a job you like? I was wondering if you remember what clinical evaluations are like and how the Gerontology project is graded? All they've told us is the project is due the last day of clinical at the site and the evaluations will be back in the classroom. Also, if you or anyone else had to make up class time or clinical time, when and how did that work? Thank you again!
  11. by   smartiipants
    I start a new job on Monday, so we'll see how that goes. I have positive thoughts about it though. Clinical valuations are pretty easy the clinical instructors tell you what you just need to work on for the next rotation. Everyone passes the first rotation because it's your foundation. By the second rotation is when people may start to fail clinical. The gerontology project was really a presentation on whatever part you're working on. I think you talk for like five minutes and then they just pass everyone really. I never had to make up time in clinical but those that did have to do so, they had to do it over Christmas break. If you are half an hour or 15 minutes late to clinical you end up making up an entire day.
  12. by   alicia219
    Thank you so much for sharing and best of luck with the new job! If you don't mind sharing, where will you be working? Would you mind talking about the timeline after graduation, of registering and taking the NCLEX and looking for jobs? And how/when did you study for the NCLEX, any review books you liked?
  13. by   smartiipants
    I will be working in a correctional facility. I registered right after graduation and I took my NCLEX in August and used the Kaplan class and their resources to study. I suggest you take your NCLEX ASAP. I liked the Kaplan course, although I know people who passed without it. I studied everyday for 2 hours, and it never felt like enough. I wasn’t 100% confident. I was nervous but I passed with 85 questions. Looking for jobs was tough. I would suggest taking a vacation after graduation or after NCLEX. Then when you come back, job search. I was looking for a specific schedule so it was difficult for me. Also, I knew I didn’t want to work in a LTC facility or home care. They will appeal to you first, but I would say don’t settle for a job you’ll be miserable in. Keep searching and don’t give up. There will be a lot of jobs that treat you like a CNA or med assistant. Don’t take those. You are a NURSE. I applied to over 100 jobs and went on a dozen interviews, maybe more. I wanted a place where I could build and work as a NURSE.