SW Boces Entrance Exam - page 49

Hi everyone!! I applied to Southern Westchester Boces and I am scheduled to take my entrance exam next Thursday. I am looking for anyone who has attended or has recently been accepted to the school.... Read More

  1. by   Trillianaaa
    For the people who were accepted into the program did u get to chose fulltime or part time or did they make the choice for youV
  2. by   Trillianaaa
    Did they check and verify your references?
  3. by   Trillianaaa
    Quote from aorda
    hey ! They def asked why u want to be an lpn. What does an lpn do. Your study habits..how have you been preparing for this course ...who are your support system...how will you be able to pay for school ...why did u choose to apply to boces lpn program ..those are the ones i remember ! Goodluck ! Do your best !!
    do they call and check ur references?