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Hi everyone!! I applied to Southern Westchester Boces and I am scheduled to take my entrance exam next Thursday. I am looking for anyone who has attended or has recently been accepted to the school. Or even anyone who knows... Read More

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    BellaaSoleil, I do not live in Westchester anymore. I actually live in the Bronx at the border by Mt Vernon. It takes me 20 minutes max to get to school on a regular day. Did you receive any of your textbooks yet? I ordered mine a week ago but I am still waiting. In the meantime I am studying Medical Terminology.

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    Oh ok....yes I'm familiar with the Bronx thats where I'm originally from. I live in White Plains now.

    I didn't order my textbooks yet. I'll probably order them later this week. I'm also studying medical terminology.

    We're just a couple weeks away from orientation! I have mixed feelings, lol.

    Anyway my email is abenitez422@yahoo.com so feel free to write me and we can talk more.
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    oh okay I will.
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    Anyone attending the intro class that starts Monday? Also, I'm accepted into the day part time program. Any others out there?
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    Sorry, Full-time day program and can't make it to the intro class. Wish I could
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    Hello Nursestudentpinky,

    I was accepted into the part-time day program as well.

    I won't be able toattend the intro course either.

    look forward to meeting you.
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    Hey mizztini! Looking forward to meeting you 2. Where will u be traveling from? I'm in south queens
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    Hello and congratulations to all!!! has anyone purchase their books yet? how is the HW packet coming along??
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    Hi NurseStudentPinky,

    I'll be traveling from Tuckahoe, lower westchester area. Have you purchased your books yet or started the hw assignment?
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    Hi, I just took the LPN entrance exam on May 29,2014 at 5pm! I'm so excited that I took the first step in taking the entrance exam, my gpa sucks in college and pretty much need a change in my life…I read that the wait for results is about two weeks!!! Well I'm on my second week and am feeling a bit nervous about my acceptance…I just keep telling myself I GOT THIS! I really hope they call me for an interview…I have my outfit ready! I almost missed the exam but there was so much traffic on the Hutchinson Pkwy they extended the begin time. I really feel as if God is on my side or I would have missed my CNET… The exam was three hours, the proctor was thorough and efficient (two thumbs up for her, she even gave me pencils!!!) btw it's paper based so dust off your reading glasses… I prefer paper over computer… They said don't call us we'll call you hahaha...ANYONE ELSE STARTING SW BOCES LPN?
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