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by LPNin2011

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Hi everyone!! I applied to Southern Westchester Boces and I am scheduled to take my entrance exam next Thursday. I am looking for anyone who has attended or has recently been accepted to the school. Or even anyone who knows... Read More

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    BellaaSoleil, I do not live in Westchester anymore. I actually live in the Bronx at the border by Mt Vernon. It takes me 20 minutes max to get to school on a regular day. Did you receive any of your textbooks yet? I ordered mine a week ago but I am still waiting. In the meantime I am studying Medical Terminology.
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    Oh ok....yes I'm familiar with the Bronx thats where I'm originally from. I live in White Plains now.

    I didn't order my textbooks yet. I'll probably order them later this week. I'm also studying medical terminology.

    We're just a couple weeks away from orientation! I have mixed feelings, lol.

    Anyway my email is abenitez422@yahoo.com so feel free to write me and we can talk more.
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    oh okay I will.
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    Anyone attending the intro class that starts Monday? Also, I'm accepted into the day part time program. Any others out there?
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    Sorry, Full-time day program and can't make it to the intro class. Wish I could
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    Hello Nursestudentpinky,

    I was accepted into the part-time day program as well.

    I won't be able toattend the intro course either.

    look forward to meeting you.
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    Hey mizztini! Looking forward to meeting you 2. Where will u be traveling from? I'm in south queens
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    Hello and congratulations to all!!! has anyone purchase their books yet? how is the HW packet coming along??
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    Hi NurseStudentPinky,

    I'll be traveling from Tuckahoe, lower westchester area. Have you purchased your books yet or started the hw assignment?