SUNY Plattsburgh BSN FALL 2012

  1. Hello everyone!

    I applied to Plattsburgh's Traditional BSN (4-year) program 3 weeks a go and thought it may be helpful to start up a forum.

    If you are:

    currently applying or plan on applying (transfers included), a former applicant, a current student, I'd love to hear from you!

    Has everyone finished their perquisites? Does anyone else have a not so competitive GPA (like me)? Does anyone know who is considered a competitive applicant? Where is everyone else applying?

    I look forward to speaking with everyone and hopefully entering the Fall '12 class together!

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  3. by   pinkmittens03
    Hey!! I just applied there as a transfer student Do you know when we might hear something?
  4. by   kitkats4breakfs
    I'm a transfer too! I have absolutely no idea when we will receive our decisions. I was told by an admissions that they have rolling admissions policy, which means if there is room and they feel that you are a worthy canidates you will be accepted. I find that hard to believe since it is a "highly competitive" program. Have you applied to any other SUNY schools?
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  5. by   pinkmittens03
    Hey again!! I only applied to SUNY Plattsburgh as I'm too far from any other SUNY school. But it looks like a good program so I'm hopeful! They told me I might not hear until March ahh!! I'm hoping it's sooner than that. What have you taken in way of pre-reqs? I've done A and P, Micro, Nutrition and such so I'm trying to start as a second year in the BSN. I really really wish I would hear something, waiting is the worst!!
  6. by   goldbla19
    Actually there is another SUNY school near by that offers nursing...clinton community college in Plattsburgh but I wouldn't recommend it to my worst enemy, there nursing program is Horrible! I just tried to reapply to SUNY Plattsburgh but they shot me down by saying if I didn't get in the first time I won't get in the second time around. They get around 200 applicants and accept 10-20 students, I don't know if they told me that to discourage me. But I had every single pre-req. Good luck to all of you.
  7. by   kitkats4breakfs
    I have a 3.4 and completed Micro, Nutrition, A&P I&II, Chem I&II, and Stats. I have every prerequisite needed. Hopefully they consider the essay I wrote. I personally thought my essay was DYNAMITE.
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  8. by   pinkmittens03
    Is Clinton Community that bad goldbla? I applied there... uh oh (didnt know it was officially a SUNY school lol). That's an awesome GPA kit kats, I've got a pretty high GPA too so I'm very hopeful... but I know it's so competitive. I took Stats and Intro to Chem as well.. plus English Comp, Socio and anything else I could think of. I really really hope I get in. Awesome about your essay.. I struggled with mine but tried to be honest so well see.
  9. by   goldbla19
    Yes Clinton Community is that bad, so many sad stories. I went there and dropped out in the first semester when I realized they weren't being fair. I have a friend who made it to her third semester and they failed her because in her final exam she scored a 74 where the passing grade was 75 but her average for the class was in the high 80's. Their rule is you fail the final you fail the class no matter how well you where doing. Truth is the teacher just didn't want her to make it. If you look at the nclex pass rates they are in the 90's every year with an average of 33 out of 35 students passing. What they don't tell you is that 70 students start off in the program every year and about 25 to 30 makes it with a few students who failed a course the previous year added to the class. When you are getting ready for an exam they make you read ten long chapters and when you actually take the exam all the questions are taken from just two of them....Ridiculous! They basically pass who the want to pass.
  10. by   pinkmittens03
    Oh that's awful goldbla, I'm sorry... I've heard similiar stories from others and now am nervous if that's the only school I get accepted too.. ahh! That isn't right
  11. by   kitkats4breakfs
    Many of the community college nursing programs are like that, including mine. They don't care how many people they kick out, apparently that doesn't affect them. All they care about is you passing the NCLEX exam. If you work hard and study everyday you should be fine. Make sure your prepared for your clinicals. And they can't kick you out any how unless you totally drop the ball, which includes not showing up for clinical and failing a test (it is never ok to fail a test). It is not difficult material (your not doing calc or organic chem) it is just an immense amount of work you must do and it is very time consuming. If you go in thinking it will consume your entire life you will have a great shot. If you go in thinking other wise... good luck!

    I have a friend who had mostly C's in all her classes, including some prerequisites, and so far she has completed a year of the program without any problems. She is now in her 3rd semester. In fact, I saw her today! And then I know two older ladies who have families to take care of who are also in the program. I can't remember if they quit their jobs just to complete the program, but hey they are in their last semester. It is very doable!

    @Goldbla19 not giving her that one point on her final was spiteful! That is not cool.
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  12. by   kitkats4breakfs
    I checked my status and nothing.
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  13. by   pinkmittens03
    Thanks kitkats... have you heard anything yet from SUNY? My file is saying my application is "under review" but I'm not sure if that means anything?
  14. by   pinkmittens03
    I keep hearing different things... that we might hear soon or not until May?