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SUNY Downstate new grad orientation

  1. 0 Hi I was wondering if anyone has gone through SUNY downstate's new grad orientation. I interviewed for a position a few weeks ago and they told me they have a special orientation for new grad's including some time in med-surg. I was hoping somone could tell me what the environment is like for a new grad and what orientation was like just in case I get the job i want to be prepared. I know it is a state hospital and I'm not sure if the environment or patient ratio is different.

    Thanks so much
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    uhhh. you went on an interview at downstate? first of all, congrats to you. second how did you get it? esp. as a new grad? do u have ur bsn or associates?
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    Thank you. I know it is really hard as a new grad. It was my only interview so far and I graduated with my BSN in May. I just e-mailed my resume and to my surprise they called me. I did all my clinicals in Long Island NY so I don't know what Downstate would be like to work at. Is it good???
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    Please anyone I need info on downstate!
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    maybe this is lame advice but, just go there and hang out for a while, see what it feels like, maybe chat up some fellow nurses who are outside I bet they would be happy to talk with you.
    and congrats on the interview/job! get me one!

    good luck.