SUNY Downstate Accelerated BSN 2013

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    Applied? Accepted? Still waiting to hear? Tell your story and share what you know.

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    Hi all,
    I applied just before the deadline. Still waiting for the decision. I live in Brooklyn already (though not very near Downstate) and have been taking the prerequisite classes at CUNY schools. Would love to get a good discussion going so that those who are admitted can share what they know and help each other out once the program starts.
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    Applied and waiting!
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    I also applied. I sent my application in September. I finished all my prerequisites last fall.
    Anyone has an idea when they start sending decisions?
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    I applied last year and was wait listed.
    I applied earlier this year with all of my pre-reqs completed and 2 extra bio/health classes for good measure.

    I found out I was wait listed in mid-March last year.
    I think the first wave of accepted notifications will go out in late Jan, early Feb.

    It is very hard to get into the SUNY-Downstate program..don't feel bad if you are rejected or wait listed.

    Brooklyn gal.......
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    Hi brooklyn2012,
    Do you mind sharing your stats?
    Mine are 3.3 undergrad, 3.6 prereqs (Chemistry was a killer) and TEAS overall (Adjusted Individual Total Score) was 87%.
    Really hoping my GPA hasn't knocked me out of contention.
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    I didn't apply to this program because I didnt have the test they required. Word of advice for anyone who is applying to accelerated programs is to apply to as much schools as possible (dont put all your eggs in one basket). You never really know which school will accept you. I applied to Stony Brook, Binghamton and Buffalo accelerated programs. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices respectively. I was accepted into Buffalo but rejected by Stony Brook (HIGHLY COMPETITIVE) still waiting to hear from Bing but I digress. The point is...dont think you will get accepted into your first choice or the program that's more convenient for you. you have to consider all options and take what you get at the end of the day. Again, dont put all your eggs in one basket.
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    Hello smashnyc,

    I don't have traditional stats..for starters, I went to an undergraduate school that does not give grades. I also have a Masters in Public Health with a 3.4 GPA.....and received 3.4 in my pre-reqs. I got an 80 and 81 in the reading and math sections of the TEAS test.
    I have many years of public health experience and am currently doing my second volunteer stint in a hospital setting.

    Brooklyn gal....
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    Hello all,

    Has anyone heard anything yet??

    Brooklyn gal..............
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    I recently was accepted to the SUNY Downstate accelerated BSN program (woo!). I'm going to accept, and was just wondering if any current students or recent graduates are reading this board and would be willing to talk with/meet with me about the program, just so I can get some more info about it, your experiences in it, or anything like that, and get a head start on anything I can take care of now (e.g., buying books, uniform, I don't know what else).

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