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Hi All! I wanted to start this thread to create some conversation about our application to SUNY Downstate's ABSN program beginning Summer 2013. I've heard a lot of pros and cons about the program and I would like us all to... Read More

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    Got my scores back--87% math, 98% reading--woo hoo! I could have done better on the math part (I ran out of time and started panicking--forgot how miserable life is without a calculator!) but hopefully those scores are strong enough to give me a fighting chance of getting in. Now we wait...

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    That's great
    Congrats edinbrooklyn
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    Ebinbrooklyn ))
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    I'm so happy someone started a thread for 2013 applicants, I applied as well and am so, so nervous.

    I've done pretty well in my pre-req's (A's in all the sciences/sociology's/math courses/b+'s in English from my first undergrad degree).

    I scored 90 on the math, and 83 on the reading portion of the TEAS. I wish i had any idea where we all stood in terms of acceptance?

    Does anyone know how much our resume/personal statements/recommendation's are weighed in our consideration? Are they kind of just overlooked?

    PLease help!!!
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    Does anyone know when the decisions will start going out?
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    I just asked that question of the admissions office and the reply was as follows.

    In response to your inquiry, the admissions process can be lengthy due to the volume of applications that are received each year. Once your file is complete it will be reviewed here in the Admissions Office. So long as there are no items or requirements outstanding, your file will then be forwarded to the College of Nursing for consideration. Your file will be presented to an Admissions Committee within the College of Nursing and a decision will be rendered. Decisions are always communicated to applicants in writing. A majority of the decisions will be made between March and April.

    So, we have a few more weeks (months!) to go.

    Brooklyn gal......
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    hey bemal, i actually just received a packet in the mail from suny downstate saying i was accepted you guys should be hearing shortly as well. best of luck guys!!
    Last edit by greeneggs on Feb 7, '13
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    Wow greeneggs

    Congratulations !!!!!!!
    That's awesome )))
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    Can u share when did u send your application?

    And what was your GPA an teas score

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