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Good morning ladies and gentelmen, My ultimate goal is to get into Stony Brook University school of nursing :redbeathe. So congradulations to all of you that have been accepted for fall 2011! I have a question for those who... Read More

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    Quote from jack5684
    @DivaDawny--If apply very late. Do they look at all applicants ? Apply early has more advantage? How soon do they send out letters of acceptance . thanks
    Hi Jack,

    I don't know if they give precedence to early applicants, but I will ask on Monday and get back to you. What I do know is that I waited for the deadline to submit my application. I tend to be a procrastinator. LOL

    We didn't get our acceptance letters until the beginning of February which was a couple of months later than what we expected and we didn't all find out on the same day. It was scattered. They tend to run late with all paperwork. As a result, I enrolled in a different nursing program because I wasn't sure if I had gotten into SB. People who were wait-listed were finding out as late as July 5-8th that they made it in. Three-four people missed the first couple of days of orientation because they didn't find out until then that they had gotten in when someone else turned down their acceptance into the program.

    Hope this helps!

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