Stony Brook Accelerated Nursing Class of 2015 - page 2

It's almost september, which means people are starting to get their applications for nursing together real soon. I'm currently in the 1-yr nursing program here at Stony Brook. A previous alum... Read More

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    Just a question about the essay..
    How long was yours? I think it says 3-5 pages on the application. Mine is a little longer then that lol about 7 pages. I feel like i wrote a really good essay, but I don't know if I should keep it long or cut it shorter so I don't bore them. Any suggestions?

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    Thanks so much for the advice, GoVeg! LAGD0208, I know you weren't asking me, but I would definitely trim down my essay to 5 pages max. They get so many applications, and I'm sure they'd prefer a concise essay within their stated guidelines to one almost twice the suggested length.
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    Hey GoVeg !! I would definitely say to trim it down to 5 pages. Whatever you have to say can definitely be said in 3-5 pages, especially since they do have a lot of applicants to look at. For our current class of 77 students, they said they had like around 600 qualified applicants. Remember that they don't want to hear your whole life story. Stick to the essentials: what makes you stand out, why did you decide to pursue nursing, how do you personally identify with nursing, that sort of thing. Quality > quantity I completely agree with what GoVeg said. I do believe they put quite a bit of weight on the essay since numbers don't tell you the whole story about the person.
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    Does anyone know the proper way to submit unofficial transcripts through the online application? I guess they now want you to upload them onto your application so I was going to scan them into my computer and save it as a PDF but I was wondering how everyone else is doing that because I am not even sure if thats the correct way they want it done.
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    Yes, I'm going to PDF it.
    Also, the personal statement- is it 3-5 pages double spaced or single spaced?
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    Hi NeuroLK - at the info session, they said 3-5 pp double spaced.
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    Hi LagD, Your essay should be between 3-5 pages. Mine was super long when I first wrote it so I cut out a lot and ended up using a size 11 font. Remember, you can also add a supplemental essay
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    when is the deadline for the application this year?
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    October 17!

    Two of my recommenders submitted their responses yesterday, though, which is nice
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    I'm filling out the employment history section of the application and wondering about uploading a supplemental document. I don't have anything "to explain" in terms of a big employment gap or anything like that, but should I upload a PDF résumé just to provide more detail about the (non-health-related but customer-service-related) work I've done? The history page doesn't give any room for, say, a job title or description of any kind. How have you all approached this section?


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