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I'm surprised a thread for the upcoming class of 2014 has not been created yet (or has it). Well here it is!!! good luck to all :p... Read More

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    Thanks GoVeg and Spiritedkidd! I joined the fb group last week, my name is Toni : )

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    HI TONI! I'm Karoline. Excited to meet you in like a month, yikes!
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    Quote from Robyn327
    I got in : ) ! Thanks again Paco for your kind and uplifting words!
    So glad you hung in there like I told you to ... congratulations!!
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    I also cleared the waitlist, but had to turn it down as I've already accepted admission to Binghamton. Good luck to everyone in the program!
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    what is the start date for the program in july?

    Also how before should we get Student malpractice insurance?
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    @djp, congrats on getting into binghamton! that's also a tough program to get accepted into. i got into bing as well, but turned it down cus i wanted to go to a new place for this new chapter in my life. i went to bing for my undergrad, so if you have any questions regarding bing, feel free to ask!

    @justme, the program starts july 1. for malpractice insurance, i am using cm & f group. it was $24 for the whole year. the requirement is that it has $1 mil/$3 mil coverage. cm&f provides 1/6 mil coverage. cm & f is the cheapest one ive seen so far.
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    Quote from justme2018

    what is the start date for the program in july?

    Also how before should we get Student malpractice insurance?
    Your question has been answered, I see I have been replaced ... ... lol.
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    Hey everyone,
    This is a really stupid question (i think) but I have been wondering this for a while and since i am going to be getting my references together for my application in the fall, i need to ask this question just to make sure.
    I know stony brook (and other schools) require your references to submit their letters though an online website. I was just wondering if they need to type them on a letter head and have to hand sign them before electronically submitting them. I am assuming that they have to print out their letter, sign it, and then scan it back into their computer to submit it electronically? I am a little confused by that and want to get it straight before I ask my references to submit because I don't want them to do it wrong haha.
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    @yankee ...Hi from my past experience. The reccomendations letters would be received from the referrers solely online.
    Stony will send the question answer format to their email for confidentiality. And where they the. Will submit it back to the school online.

    @paco... I have a question I just saw the summer classes book list on solar. Should I buy the books now
    Or what will I get it from the school book store. I spoke to someone from the nursing office and they said that we should
    wait because they will be a couple of additional items included in the book packages when received at orientation.
    What Is your suggestion or anyone who has done this program. Thank you so much
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    @paco -- nooo worries, no one can replace you! lol

    @yankees -- basically what chichi said. the references will be emailed (i think theyre emailed a link). they answer some questions based on what they think of our abilities, intellect, personality, and potential, etc etc. i dont believe the references have to send in or email an actual letter of reference. stonybrook has a separate system when it comes to letter of references.
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