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I'm surprised a thread for the upcoming class of 2014 has not been created yet (or has it). Well here it is!!! good luck to all :p... Read More

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    Quote from Dlam88
    Oh ok. Can you tell me when you found out you got in? How did you found out did they email you acceptance?
    They emailed me about my acceptance! Idk if anyone got a physical letter about it but I've heard that the previous classes did, but email is usually how they'll do it.
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    oh ok. Do you know how much you paid for Stony Brook Nursing program?
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    Quote from Dlam88
    oh ok. Do you know how much you paid for Stony Brook Nursing program?
    Instate is about 13k and put of state is 33k.
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    I am going into the 12 month BSN program in July2014. Can anyone comment on the benefits of doing the clinicals at diverse hospitals vs the Stony Brook24 and vice versa? thanks.
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    There are three different options for clinicals: DEU, tradition (which may not be around for you guys) and SB24. In SB24 you'll have all you clinicals (except part of your psych) at Stony Brook. The benefit is that you'll always be at stony brook and that you'll be with a lot of the same people in your clinical groups which is nice. You're also a lot more likely to get a job at SBU after you graduate. Stony Brook is a great hospital to do clinicals. In general, people like being there for clinicals. The nurses are typically nice and since it is a teaching hospital, people who work on the unit are use to having students and most are helpful.

    DEU is dedicated education unit. You'll be at SBU for Med Surg, Capstone, and Fundamentals, other hospitals for the other clinicals. At SBU, you'll be assigned to nurses in a 2:1 ratio so you typically get more attention from the nurses and get to do more with patients. You might learn a little more in clinicals. I was in a DEU and this wasn't always the case in my group but that is the purpose. The only potential downside of DEU is that you will have to do your capstone at SBU so if you were hoping to get some good quality experience at another hospital that you want a job at, you won't have that option. Other downside is that you can go anywhere for the other clinicals (Last semester I had one clinical in queens and another in Southampton, that sucked).

    Traditional means that you'll also be at SBU for fundamentals (everyone is) and then can be anywhere else for any of the other clinicals. The benefit is that you have a lot more choices of where to go for capstone. So if you had your heart set on working at a certain hospital after graduation, you could potentially do your capstone there. But be warned, the school has to have contracts in place with the hospital you do your capstone at so it can be a total crap shoot as to whether or not you get the hospital you want. Also, as mentioned with the DEU, you can be placed anywhere on the island so you'll likely be doing a lot more driving.

    In general, SBU clinicals are good because they are close to campus and generally the staff is nice and wants to help you. Going to other hospitals can be great and can be terrible; it really varies. Some hospitals are not used to having students and the nurses can be super annoyed with having us on the unit and in some cases just be mean. Other times you can have a great experience. It really just depends. Also, if you choose to do traditional or DEU, be warned that you could be driving all over the island for clinicals. This worked great for people who lived in queens for example because they would have clinicals close to home. As for me, I lived near SBU and had an hour commute to my clinical in Southampton which meant leaving my house at 5:45 am and getting home sometimes after 8 pm. I was not a happy camper with that. But the clinicals are short; we only went to that one 6 times.

    I don't think I've heard anyone say they regret the decision they made (SBU, DEU, etc). Most people enjoyed their clinicals. It definitely matters more who you're with and who your instructor is than where you are. Also, most of the clinicals (with the exception of med surg) are super short and you only go a max of 7 times so no matter where you are, love it or hate it, it will be over soon enough! I went to various hospitals and I don't think I had a more well rounded experience than those who stayed at Stony Brook. Sometimes I wished I had just been at Stony Brook. For example, for OB, I think Stony seemed to be the place to be. They saw the most births. At some of the other hospitals there was not enough births for everyone to see one. Stony is also a state hospital which means you get a more diverse set of clients than for example a nicer private hospital. I haven't really heard that anyone really loved other hospitals but I'm sure some people did.

    In my opinion, I think staying with Stony Brook is the safer bet if you live near the school. If you live in Nassau or the city, I'd go with DEU or Traditional. Well that was an essay and just my opinion but hope that helped!
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    Thanks so much for that well thought out reply. Gives me a lot to think about. I will be commuting from Queens. I would love to eventually find work in a hospital like SB or LIJ. do any clinicals happen in Manhattan? it would be awesome to go to NY Presbyterian.
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    Quote from thomasc
    Thanks so much for that well thought out reply. Gives me a lot to think about. I will be commuting from Queens. I would love to eventually find work in a hospital like SB or LIJ. do any clinicals happen in Manhattan? it would be awesome to go to NY Presbyterian.
    There aren't any planned clinicals on manhattan but it's a possiblity (a small one) for capstone. If you're in traditional and possibly deu you'll go to lij manhassett or north shore for med surg though! One of you professors, prof g works at lij so you could definitely talk to her about working there.
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    When does the 2014 cohort graduate? For the accelerated nursing program?
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    We're done with classes today! But then we have our capstone for a month. We walk May 23rd. Our degree is conferred in June
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    Should we get a notebook or binder for each class? What do most people do?
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    However you organized in undergrad to get you this far will work just fine! All your classes will have powerpoints so you'll print those before class. Everyone usually takes notes on those or on their PC so I wouldn't recommend notebooks for each class. I just had a binder and put all my powerpoints in there. But everyone organizes different. Just do what works for you.
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    Congratulations! Huge accomplishment.
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    Hi Everyone, I was wondering if there is any sort of internship/externship associated with the accelerated program. I haven't seen anything about it.