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I'm surprised a thread for the upcoming class of 2014 has not been created yet (or has it). Well here it is!!! Good luck to all :p... Read More

  1. by   justme2018
    Thank you, are you going to Be going to stony brook?

    I already applied for all 3...this is for this year

  2. by   spiritedkidd
    Yes I am going to stony! The first day of orientation is actually in exactly 2 weeks and then school starts the week after. So nervous and excited and happy and anxious and all these other feelings lol. I got into binghamton's accelerated prog as well, but I'm really happy I went with stony instead even though I wanted to go back to my alma mater. But congrats on making that tough decision! Maybe I'll see you at stony? haha
  3. by   justme2018
    @ spirit kid

    this is the toughest decision but i know that in the long run ill be Better off not having 90k of debt

    also rochester is 87k which is way too much

    Stony Brook is a very reputable school and they dont have clinicals with robots lol so its much much Better
  4. by   spiritedkidd
    yeah, 87 or 90K in debt is not a pretty number to look at, especially considering the fact that it's for just one year and for just your bachelors. but yay for choosing stony! feel free to join our facebook group! all the information there will be really helpful, especially since youre new and you just made the decision. or you can private message me here if you have any questions! looking forward to meeting you, woot woot
  5. by   PacoUSA
    Quote from spiritedkidd
    im not paco, but maybe my 2 cents might help? stonybrook has a very high passing rate for 1st-time NCLEX takers. in the state, it's only second to columbia. so their passing rate is higher than nyu's and rochester's. also, you might wanna consider other factors, like travel/living expenses. maybe take a tour of the campus/area to see if youre comfortable there and see yourself excelling there. i personally wouldnt want or be comfortable paying 90K for nyu, even though it has good name recognition. with stony, i know it has good connections with the stonybrk hospital so that could be good job-wise
    YES ... what she said Well said, spiritedkidd

    Don't concern yourself with "ranking" at the bachelor's level, and look at the quality of the program itself and how respected it is in the nursing community (ie., Stony Brook vs. Everest -- no contest there!). Stony Brook hands down is excellent for the price you pay and the program is well respected among hospitals. Employers see Stony Brook School of Nursing on a resume and they know right away the new graduate got a great education. As for NCLEX preparation, the stats speak for themselves, especially with regards to my class .. I previously told you how many in my class passed NCLEX on the first try, impressive numbers. Stony Brook is also attached to a top regional hospital and if you're just concerned with getting a job, odds of getting a job there graduating from Stony Brook (or North Shore/LIJ for that matter) are better than NYU grads getting jobs @ NYU Langone (because after all, RNs make on avg $10K more @ NYU Langone than at Stony Brook and everybody and their grandmother wants to work in the city these days). So when you're facing the job hunt with looming student loans, what's better? Having a loan balance from Stony Brook or one from NYU?

    NYU = high tuition + high living expense$$

    Rochester = SNOW (need I say more? LOL! I lived in Western NY for 3 years, I know the agony).

    So Stony Brook is a no-brainer in my op, but then again I am super-biased as an alumni.

    As for grad school, my opinion is different. Go for the gold I say. I intend on going to Columbia for that (MSN or PhD ... haven't decided yet). By then, I will likely be back in the city so this will be easier for me.
  6. by   PacoUSA
    OK I just replied to an old post, sorry about that. Congrats on choosing Stony Brook
  7. by   spiritedkidd
    Quote from Paco-RN
    OK I just replied to an old post, sorry about that. Congrats on choosing Stony Brook
    ahaha paco, i guess your post can just be used as another thing to solidify his decision. orientation is a little over a week away!
  8. by   justme2018
    Thank u paco n spirit kid....i loved stony i went there yest n fell In Love

    I dont like snow or is def a no brainer
  9. by   spiritedkidd
    thats great to hear! i think itll still snow out in LI though lol. and what?! whats there not to like about nyc?!?? haha, so much to do, see, eat in nyc. LI can be a bit boring in my opinion in comparison to nyc, but i could be biased since i was born and raised in nyc. either way, good to hear. stony is the way to go
  10. by   PacoUSA
    You guys obviously were not @ Stony Brook last Feb with the blizzard ... that was a nightmare School was closed for like almost a week. Of course, I was working ... and as a nurse you are "essential" employees which means you come in no matter what. Needless to say, I ended up stuck at the hospital for 2 days between shifts. Slept in an old labor & delivery room, that was creepy lmao!
  11. by   justme2018

    i was raised in A suburban Area.....i like it quiet and safe........everytime I Go to nyc something or the other is going on...too dramatic for me lol

    hahhaha that sounds like fun eh?
    Im laughing now but it wont be funny in a couple of months :P

    The weather has been crazy i Just hope we Dont have to go thru that again
  12. by   spiritedkidd
    haha ahh i hear ya. i was born and raised in the city. the suburban life that is long island is soo weird for me. so unbelievably quiet here! i think i might have trouble falling asleep just 'cause im so used to falling asleep to cars passing by my house :P
  13. by   MTB12
    Hi everyone...I am new to this website, I just applied for the SBU accelerated program and received a call to schedule an interview. Does anyone know what this interview entails? It is a group of 5 prospective students and 5 faculty members...

    All feedback appreciated