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Hey all! Just wanted to lend my support to anyone else who is applying to SB next summer! It's a grueling process :-)):yeah:... Read More

  1. by   Mindylane
    Are you guys planning on living on campus?
  2. by   chele118
    I live not far from Stony Brook, so I will not be living on campus.
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  3. by   Mindylane
    Hehe. We're currently looking to move out there, actually. I loved the area when I went to school there, and Suffolk really beats Nassau in so many ways :P
  4. by   kimmieminnie
    Why thank you Joy of Life--
    worst case scenario I can at least be a source of comic relief down the line on this thing...

  5. by   Jennyfur1234
    Hey everyone. I've been silently watching everyone write on here and have yet to write anything until now. I applied to the accelerated program and am anxiously waiting to hear something back. I really want to go to Stony Brook, but I'm trying to figure out some other back up plans in case I don't get in.

    Anyone applying to any similar programs? I'm looking into Hunter, SUNY Downstate and Pace, but am not thrilled about the thought of applying to any of them.

    I went to the information session a couple of weeks ago and they said last year they had 1100 applicants for both programs. Anyone have any idea how they set any kind of criteria for choosing who gets in?
  6. by   Dollface4k6
    Thank you Joie! I'll have to request some more transcripts. The hard part is waiting!
  7. by   anniet828
    Hi Jennyfur,

    Welcome to the thread! I don't think they have a set criteria at Stony Brook, they seem to look at each student individually to see their background and then finalize based on a comparison between the 'best' applicants for the program. It is hard to know what they are looking for exactly.
    I am also applying to Adelphi's accelerated- PATH program as a back up, but SBU is by far my first choice...
    Good luck!

    I also saw my transcripts were all updated as received- yay! That stressful part is over, now it is about trying to focus on other things at least through the is so hard though.
  8. by   PacoUSA
    Quote from Mindylane
    Good luck, everyone! I'm so nervous about getting in, but I do feel as if I probably won't, based on the caliber of the applicants. I've gotten B+s in all of my pre-reqs and only had a 3.5 GPA, so I just don't think that'll cut it. My personal statement & recommendations (as far as I know) are outstanding, I think, but I just don't think my grades will cut it, which is a shame. I guess maybe the only good thing is that I have some experience in healthcare (I work for a non-profit agency with developmentally disabled adults)... The waiting beginssssssss
    Can't believe you pulled me away from my massive paper due this Friday to make me say this to you:

    Stop selling yourself short!!! You have just as good a chance as anyone else! Is there a rule that says only people with A's get into the program? NO! For all I know I have classmates that only got B's in their prereqs! I don't know for a fact, but who knows? Getting into Stony Brook is so much more than grades. YES, I am the first to admit that there are a few VERY competitive students in my class, but EVERY class will have them. At the same time, you have the ones that just do the bare minimum but do it well, and we have those too. I have been with my classmates now for almost 4 months (holy crap ... I did not realize that until now LOL) ... and I feel safe in saying that not everyone had the same admissions profile, particularly GPA wise!! I have gotten to know most of them, and it's a very diverse group, and I don't mean ethnicitywise!

    Quote from Mindylane
    Are you guys planning on living on campus?
    I live off campus, but a few of my classmates are on campus and I can tell you it's EXPENSIVE! If you don't have a car, your best bet is to find a room somewhere just off campus (like near the LIRR station) and walk (or grab the free SBU Transit bus to the hospital or SAC and walk from the SAC, it's like 10 min walk to HSC). If you insist on living on campus, know that your ONLY option right now is the West Apts, which is (duh) all the way on the west side of campus and the HSC is all the way on the east side. Not to mention the horrors of noisy undergrad suitemates that don't understand why you have to go to bed so early for 7am clinicals the next morning (this is of course 2nd hand info I have become privy to).

    Enough procrastination! Bye!
  9. by   Mindylane
    Thanks for the info. As I've mentioned, I went to SBU for my first degree and lived in the West Apartments for two years. It was a good experience, but I'm planning on purchasing a house with my husband (assuming I get in; however we will probably relocate to Suffolk regardless.) I'm also fortunate to have a car so that's not an issue. I'm just plodding thought Anatomy and Physiology II right now and have another solid B+, as usual. It's hard when I'm working two jobs and have no time to study, haha. I'm loving my nursing internship, though!!
  10. by   Joie_de_vivre
    just checked solar, everything has been received
  11. by   Mindylane
    Yay!!! I'm waiting for one more recommendation letter from a professor for the two-year application and I'm done with both! Congrats!!!
  12. by   Joie_de_vivre
    Awesome, congrats to u too, its a long process!
  13. by   Mindylane
    Thanks! It sure was. Of course, now I'm obsessing and thinking of things I could have put in my personal statement instead, but what's done is done, I suppose. I'm exploring other options, just in case I don't get in, but other schools are so much more expensive and require even more prerequisites! I feel like I'll be in school forever.