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I'm new to this site. So I was wondering if there is anyone out there who has applied to SPSON and passed the hesi exam. I took the hesi exam abut 2 weeks ago on April 16. I haven't heard back from... Read More

  1. by   Caroline2904
    Dont bother .... its about 50k
  2. by   DoGoodThenGo
    Quote from Caroline2904
    I'm in the semester that just started in August and were the ones getting the hell ! Before this the school was pretty much do what you want. Now if you fail two classes you're out of the program. If you miss two days in any class you're on academic probation. PASSING is a minimum of a 78% and they wont even factor in your homework grades unless you have a minimum of a 78. School is tough , looking back i wouldn't have joined the school I would have just gone straight to a 4 year program. You cant even take summer classes and have them transferred to the school UNLESS its through the school and you wanna pay out of pocket like $3500 ( without being able to use financial aid). They give you a strenous workload , not enough time and its actually pretty ghetto.
    Most of those standards are pretty much normal for many other NYC area nursing programs in one form or another, this includes CUNY programs.

    NCLEX passing rates for both Saint Paul's campuses have trended down over the past two years, but that could also have something to do with they are taking in larger classes. The SI campus had a 75% pass rate for 2012, that is not good.

    Keep in mind with the current climate in Washington, D.C. regarding for profit colleges that accept federal or other financial aid, many have started to tighten things up in response. Some really sketchy for profit nursing programs have pulled various stunts leaving persons thousands in debt with little to show.
  3. by   PDSOL
    Hey there, can anyone tell me how are nursing classes and professors at at SPSON for evening/night. I start on January 10th 2014 and I'm nervous and anxious, any tips or suggestions I will appreciate. Thanks in advance
  4. by   nike33
    Yeah.I just finished my last semester there. SPSON is a interesting school.Alot has been said about NLN accredidation and yes it is important but it depends on your situation.I had no choice so I just have to work a bit more to deal with this issue.It's like going to medical school overseas.As long as you get your license your a doctor/nurse.

    SPSON is just in a transition phase and it unfortunate they have to deal with this because it's more a business issue than academic.The school has respectable and dedicated staff but don't expect it to be NYU or something. Too many people go here and expect it to be such and complain and make the school look bad. It is not perfect and off course it has issues here and there but which school doesn't. Remember nursing right now is more about business than patient care so please remember that.Nursing is challenging so expect work.My biggest thing is just prepare for the NLCEX in advance because it will catch up.It happened to me. Tuition, good/bad professors/clinical placement/NLN accreditation/40k tution all comes with the package, it will not be perfect.If you find issue with that then save yourself the trouble and try to go to another school.All the best.
  5. by   DoGoodThenGo
    Quote from nike33
    Snipped for brevity sake only:

    Remember nursing right now is more about business than patient care so please remember that.
    Care to run that one by me again? Rather can you offer a bit of insight at how you arrived at that particular hypothesis?
  6. by   nike33
    @DoGoodThenGo.I mean maybe I should have said nursing school or nursing education. I said that based on my experience applying to nursing school.They have a myriad of policies,rules,and regulations before they actually accept you.More so with private nursing schools and all the policies tend work out to their advantage.So I was suggesting that research is done before applying.

    But the healthcare field in general is more about business just like most services that are offered to the public.Nursing is part of this.Yeah of course nursing is essentially about patient care and according to Florence Nightingale a "service to God" but it is has been sucked into being a business first.
  7. by   ProfRN4
    Quote from Adonai Adonai
    There is much debate about how important NLN Accreditation really is. Regardless, let me be the first one on to announce that: St. Paul's School of Nursing is now NLN Accredited!
    The site you linked is not NLNAC accredited schools. It is a list of schools who have membership with the NLN. Two entirely different things. This is how information gets mis-communicated. They never were accredited. And the likelihood that they will (anytime soon) is very slim. Accreditation is no longer granted through the NLNAC (was never technically through NLN, rather their accrediting commission).

    Look up ACEN accredited schools, and you will not find them on the list.
  8. by   wrmotroni
    Hii how is it going?? Do they have evening course? What are the hours?
  9. by   nike33
    Yes they do.Evening sessions usually ,technically runs from 4p-11p.But rarely do they make you stay till 11.
  10. by   ProfRN4
    How could they almost lose their accreditation if they never had their accreditation?

    And almost every school/program requires a math calculation exam so students do NOT kill patients. If a student pushed a med that killed a patient, the school would be closed.

    I'm not at all saying there isn't anything wrong with the school, but it's quite possible that that is not the reason? Just sayin'