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Hi, I am applying to Saint Paul's School of Nursing for the Spring Semester that begins Jan 3, 2012. Anyone else?? :yeah:... Read More

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    yeah she named those as well @nike33 thanks for listing some more clinical sites in Queens and given more information. Wow so forest hills hospital is good that is great to know.

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    nike33, what semester are you in now? any other heads up you can give us?
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    I'm schedule to take the Hesi exam tomorrow! I have been reviewing for the past week, I feel comfortable and ready for the exam but I'm getting nervous. When I get like this, I end up blanking out when I start the exam. I totally have a brain spasm, I forget everything.
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    yeah.forest hills is's in a nice location and runs better that other hospitals in my opinion.It's under the LIJ banner so nuff said on that!
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    yeah @Ashley627.i finished my first semester, starting second in aug-sep. yeah dont get caught up with drama.blaming the teacher,blaming the school etc.

    all the freshman level nursing courses are a little do have to read unfortunately! if you have the time to read the entire chapter awesome!your work will be cut out for you when you take your boards! if you work or have family you can still get A's buy at least showing up to class,PAYING ATTENTION to your teacher rather than their PERSONALITY,and least 2 days before a exam go over your handouts. i got by, doing this like 4hrs before the exam (in extreme cases only!). their exams are ten times easier than the material they cover in class.hope the it'll be the same trend for you guys!

    don't sleep on skills lab where you do the hands on haunted me and other people as well. they test 2 times during sem. pay as much attention as u can and practice the skills regularly. people break down when they get tested due to lack of practice and instructor ate me alive,so don't put yourself in that position. sucks if you don't know how to take a blood pressure!!

    yeah don't buy all the books at once.gauge each class and see if you really need it.

    anything else, during the semester, holler!
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    well thanks for the pointers! I guess I'll hold off on ordering the books(good thing you told me, I was getting ready to buy every one on the list) do yuo get to make your schedule after your first semester? I thought it was weird that I couldnt pick my own schedule. Im also wondering if everyone is in the same class? I was told there are 60 seats, seems a bit small?
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    @Ashley627 I was wondering the same thing about the classes. It would be nice if we can choose them.
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    Uh you dont get to pick your schedule in any semester because it's a small school.everything is limited.unless you have some dire situation you maybe able to switch around.if they continue to expand the maybe you have more are either in the day section or night and you go from there.depending on prereqs who will most likely with the same people for all your classes.which is cool i guess.i think 60 is alot!but since we will be in new buidling everything is more spaced out.
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    hey guys congrats on getting accepted... I just graduated in May... the school is by far perfect ...they have their flaws but hey if your serious you just do what u gotta do and get through the program. I have my degree and my license and thats y I went there so thats all that matters. It is not easy I was stressed out but if you study youll pass. I even had a baby and still graduated so hey its not bad. I know alot of people critizise them but if they mess up they will fix it or u fight them until they do. bottom line if you want your degree and rn license you will get it. Im encouraging my friends and family to go there.
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    Hello, I am taking the hesi on Friday (Staten Island) I am really nervous. I have been studying for the past 3 weeks. Has anyone sat for the test recently? What type of calculator can be used? What can I expect? Do you get your score the same day?

    Thank You!!

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