St Paul's School of Nursing (Staten Island)-January 2011 - page 3

Curious to know if anyone else has gotten accepted to spsn for the january 2011 term.... Read More

  1. by   ambition89
    I.must start off by saying thank you for the helpful information but I to also applied and for the fall of 2011.... I took my exam on july 14th and still have not heard anything yet back from the school should I be nervous because I am, I had to retake the reading, vocabulary. And grammar part in which I received a 75 on. And on the math part I received an 80. I called the school for my scores because the re take did not appear on the evolve website. I just want to know what do u suggest I do because when I spoke with mu admission conselor he told me the next step is my application gets submitted to a committee, the anxiety is starting to tear me up about whether I was accepted please let me know what you would suggest I should do....thanks
  2. by   CeceStar5
    Hello all. I applying to St. Paul's for Spring 2012. I am wondering what is the name of the entrance exam??? Is it the HESI? If so what is the acceptable score? Also those who are in the program, how is it going?
  3. by   ambition89
    Its called the hesi exam and the acceptable grade is 75 on all 3 parts
  4. by   csalv0o
    Does anyone know how soon the Physical, background check, drug test ect.. has to be done for Jan 2012 admission?
  5. by   JustFiguringItOut
    When is the application deadline for the January 2012 start? Also, is the program full time or is it possible to take night classes only for the first year?
  6. by   tootles1
    Hi JustFiguringItOut,
    You should call the school and see if they are still taking applications for the 2012 Spring semester