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  1. Hi,

    I am currently an undergraduate student (about to start junior year), but after graduation I want to start an accelerated nursing program (for AAS not BSN). I am trying to take my pre-reqs now and hope to get into Beth Israel in New York. I have two questions about admissions.

    1. I believe I can get an A in my science classes and have so far gotten an A in my liberal arts classes, however, I got a D in College Algebra and an A in Mathematical Survey. If I score well on my pre-nursing exam (in math), will this hurt my chances of getting into nursing school? What if I indicate I plan to retake math the summer before starting (I also have to take Human Anatomy and Physiology II the summer before I start, since it will not fit into my schedule).

    2. My top choice is Beth Israel, I looked into Borough of Manhattan Community College, but from what I have read on the site it is very very difficult to get in and stay in. Is this true? What are other nursing programs in New York City or maybe even New Jersey (near New York) that I should look into?

    Thanks so much everyone!
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    Moving to New York Programs Discussions to elicit more comments.
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    Unless Imissed something, Beth Israel only offers an ADN degree. Off the top of my head the only second degree programs in NYC that spring to mind are: Hunter College, NYU, College of Mount Saint Vincent, LIU, Wagner College (Staten Island). There might be others but cannot think of them at the moment.

    Many persons with previous degrees have gone to and graduated from Beth Israel and gone on to make excellent nurses. However right now there seems to be a huge "BSN" only hiring push on within NYC hospitals, and not sure Beth Israel takes on all it's graduates, in which case you'd be out there competiting with everyone else to find that first nursing job.

    Personally if you already have a BS dedree I'd look into second degree programs that award the BSN. You are going to be in school for about two years regardless and if this preference for the BSN sticks you'll come out ahead.
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    Oh, about BMCC.

    Historically BMCC had one of the lowest (if not the lowest) board passing rate of all CUNY nursing programs, indeed of all NYC area programs. The response has been to tighten up admission and retention standards to weed out those deemed likely not to pass the boards.