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Hello . I am starting this thread for anyone who has applied for the fall 2012 start suffolkc.c.c. nursing program. I have applied for the Ammerman day program. I was hoping to find some company on... Read More

  1. by   Dollface4k6
    thank you, izziesmomma! i hope all these other schools start sending out decisions.....hopefully today! hahaha i think that is wishful thinking, but the application process is so simple compared to the waiting game. it feels like years ago i was gathering transcripts and filling out paperwork, i just want it all to be over with good news for everyone!
  2. by   Dollface4k6
    Hey guys, just want to let you know today I got my acceptance letter to the Grant Day Program!! I was expecting it to appear much later like originally discussed but it seems like they got them out sooner than expected!! I also applied to the Ammerman Day program, so I'm not quite sure if because I got accepted to one, they don't look at me for the other but anyone who applied to the Grant one should be getting their decision soon! I wish everyone so much luck and good vibes hoping we all find our "homes" at a nursing program soon!!
  3. by   jrosa827
    @Alev and @ dollface Which campus was your first choice I applied to Ammerman as my first choice and have not received any e-mail I am having palpitations!!!
    Congrats to all those that received acceptance....whoo hoo!!!!

    P.S. Someone pleassseee write back..:0
  4. by   kmurt133
    Hey jrosa i didnt receive an email either i am freaking out did anyone else get an acceptance letter?? One of my friends called ammerman today and they said letters are startin to go out this week!
  5. by   IzziesMomma
    Congrats once again Dollface, lol your on a roll. I got a letter from suffolk today, I was so excited..then I opened it and it was just my financial aid statement...ugh. jrosa and kmurt, I wouldn't sweat the e-mail. Are you guys currently enrolled at suffolk because it seemed like it was something they sent out to all the sccc students regardless of their major. I applied for ammerman day as my first choice as well..i hope we hear this week!
  6. by   kmurt133
    I just finished up my pre reqs for suffolk in the fall so im not currently taking classes there so maybe thats why?! Who knows lol ughhh
  7. by   Dollface4k6
    Hey guys, the envelope from the Grant Campus was a medium sized manila envelope that came in the mail. I haven't heard from Ammerman yet. And the email was sent to all current students, I know people who didn't apply yet that got it, so it was unrelated to admission! Don't fret kmurt! And thank you guys for your kind words =) much appreciated! I hope everyone finds out soon!!

    And ps, in case you want to go by the "alphabetic" theory of notification, my last name starts with an M lol
  8. by   Alev123
    Hello jrosa827,

    My first choice is Ammerman day and the second one is Ammerman evening program. I did not apllied to Grant Campus for fall. Do not worry, probably they sent taht e-mail to all current suffolk students. Are you a suffolk student?

    Note: Congratulations Dollface4k6))
  9. by   jrosa827
    Hey guys,

    Thanks for writing back. I am currently taking developmental psych @ the Ammerman campus and I did not get an e-mail like that. I am sooo confused I called Ammerman and they said they were in the decision making process !!??? I have no idea why they torture us lol!!! I finished Micro last semester dev psych is the last class I have to take to be able to focus on just the nursing courses. Any one check their application status? I could of swore mine originally said Liberl arts-Gen studies in the current program, now it says associates in applied science...not sure if I'm having a mirage or what??? Oh the grey hair I am getting ugghh!!!!
    Good luck to all those who got accepted keep the rest of us posted even after the program starts. I have seen alot of threads go dormant once people got in. Once we are in we are no longer competing we are in it together and need all the support we can get. Have a great day guys!!!
  10. by   Dollface4k6
    Hey jrosa, I know you applied to Ammerman, but I am assuming that both campuses are similar in the order of events once a decision was made. It specifically states in the packet that I received that once you pay your deposit your Current Program will change to Nursing and that then you will be able to register for the nursing class and meet with an advisor, etc. I'm not quite sure that going onto the web portal is a good way to check to see if you can find out any info. Perhaps the Grant Campus just sent out their decisions sooner, they may have even gotten fewer applicants! Don't go crazy! On the webpage when you go onto Admissions and see all the info, its going to read the info for whatever you program you applied for, since that's the application it is for. Nothing on mine has changed and I think only when I pay the deposit and "accept" their offer will I see a change on the website. I have confidence you will be getting good news soon!! The Ammerman is a MUCH larger campus and they probably had more applicants and that is the reason for the delay! =)
  11. by   jrosa827
    Awwww thanks Dollface4k6. I heard that letters for ammerman went out yesterday central admissions looked me up and said a decision has been made,but they couldn't disclose that info to me . I am trying to secure a spot in the campus daycare for my child,but they need to see a schedule. I have also seen that p booked in people are already booked in sections ie: nur 101. for Ammerman. The lady I spoke to couldn't explain that. Oohhh WWeelll.
  12. by   kmurt133
    So frustrating! I got an envelope from sccc in my mailbox today! I was soooo excited and when i opened it it was a stupid survery!!! Arggh im getting sick of waiting.... Anyone else hear anything???????
  13. by   jrosa827
    Why are they messing with students???Stupid survey is right.