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Rockland Boces LPN Program

  1. 0 Got my acceptance letter for Fall 2010 today. Not sure if I will attend, it all depends on how my other applications go. Anyone else receive a letter, or testing for this program?
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    Congratulations on you Acceptance... Yaaaayyyyyyy!!!!
    I wanted to know if you cared to share info on your test scores and the admissions process. What was the interview like? I received my interview appointment today and I am very nervous.
    Thank You and Good Luck
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    I got a 100 on the English section, and a 97 on Math.. crazy, I know.

    I was kind of nervous for my interview as well but it wasn't really bad. I went into the room and there were 4 administrators there; they asked questions about my working situation and home situation because they wanted to make sure I had the time to commit and be successful in the program. I was in and out of the building in 15 minutes. About 2 weeks later I received a letter saying I had been accepted, along with orientation information for May.

    Good luck to you!
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    Thanks for your response Stephanieee. I definitely feel better and I am excited for my interview.
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    When is your interview?
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    April 30th
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    Well I hope it goes well for you. Did you apply anywhere else or is this the school you want to go to if you are accepted? What is your name / where are you from?
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    I've applied to other schools as well. In fact today I too the Teas at Putnam Northern Westchester Boces. The science area was very difficult for me. I also applied to Southern Westchester Boces and I take that test in May. I'm coming from Northern Yonkers and I drive but I'm idealy would like to go to a school near transportation just in case. I have some other schools in mind but I'm applying slowly to ease the damage on my pockets. Are you looking into other schools as well?
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    Yeah the application and testing fees are ridiculous. I was interested in Southern Westchester BOCES as well but I didn't apply. May sounds very late for testing, doesn't it? I know I have to decide what school I will be attending by May 21st because that is the orientation for Rockland BOCES and the money you have to pay on that day is non-refundable.
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    Btw my name is
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    Hi Stephanieee, Had my interview on Friday
    I felt good after I left the interview. As you said it was relatively short. She said my test scores were good and the timing was good and the fact that I have previous care experience is a plus. Im just a bit worried because she didn't ask for references. Im just curious did she ask for your references. I hope I get in, Ive applied to other schools but this would be the best option so far. Did you make our school choice yet?
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    Hi! Yes, I think I'm going to attend this school. When I got my acceptance letter in the mail it had a piece of paper for I believe 3 or 4 personal references, but it said I could just bring it to orientation. Sounds weird, right? Bringing your references to orientation when you've already been accepted.. Oh well, whatever they want lol. It took me about 3 1/2 - 4 weeks to get my acceptance letter even though they told me approximately 2 weeks. Orientation is May 28 so I'm guessing you will be hearing from them very soon!
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    Hiii I guess we will be classmates! I just received my acceptance letter. I'm so excited. I also had my interview for Putnam Northern Westchester today but that was a second choice so I know where I'm going. That was the longest two weeks ever!