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  1. 0 Hello everyone, I have a job interview within four days for job in bronx ny. does anyone know what the going salary is for a RN with 10 years critical care experience will earn? I do not want to undersell myself, since I am relocating from the south and cost of living is much higher in NY. Any information would be appreciated.. Thanks
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    It depends a few hospitals will pay up to $7,500 for 10 yrs of nursing experience. And the starting salary can be as high as $74,000. If the hospital is non union they probably have a basic starting salary that can be negotiable. If the hospital is unionized then the salary and exp differential will go by the contract. Also if the hospital is a city hospital starting pay is less than a private hospital. In the bronx I would expect that montefiore would pay more than bronx lebanon.

    So look up the hospital and find out if its private or city and then if its unionized or not.
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    Thank you so much bklynbaby for the information I will do some research on that, I actually had montefiore as one of my top choices. Also in your first sentence did you mean $7,500 per month or $75,000 annually?
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    Quote from coolprofessional
    Thank you so much bklynbaby for the information I will do some research on that, I actually had montefiore as one of my top choices. Also in your first sentence did you mean $7,500 per month or $75,000 annually?
    I meant $7,500 annually. In other words they will pay you experience differential for outside experience $1,000 for each year up to a maximum of $7,500 for 10 years. You would get the base pay of $74,000/yr plus they would give you experience pay of $1,000/yr for each year of experience up to a maximum of $7,500 for ten years. So if you have 5 years experience your pay would be $74,000 plus exp diff of $5,000. If you have 10 years you would get exp diff of $7,500 but if you have 12 or 15 years you would still get the same $7,500. Of course once you start working you would also get additional experience diff for working at the hospital.

    For example Montefiore is NYSNA(union) so chances are you would get you would get the basic base pay ($74,000? not sure exactly for montefiore ) plus outside hospital experience pay (my hospital pays a max of $7,500 not sure what it is for montefiore). Then for each year worked at Montefiore you would get an additional $1,000 experience pay (this exp diff is pretty much standard), plus the NYSNA contract has predetermined annual raises that can be from 2%-3%. So with montefiore unless you are applying for a non union nursing position there is no negotiating.

    P.S. Check out the "name the hospital name the starting salary board" to see if anyone has put down salary for montefiore. Or you can just ask if anyone knows the rates for the bronx hospitals that you are looking into.
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    Thank You so much, for such a thorough answer...You are the best!
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    at Montefiore, I believe they are going with some negotions with salary.. i thnk the contract expired or something.. but at this particular hospital, in the New York area, where I work at, they are under NYNSA and 10 year nurse experience is 10,800. and base is 75,000

    every year of experience, is rougly $1,040 up to up 30 years.. so if you work 30 years... ur experience would be 30,000... with the base salary of $75,000
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    Hi , requesting information about salary for a nyc hospital. salary base for manhattan area. union position, possible non union. Masters level education. do not want to under sell . relocation from south. Thanks

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