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Hello everyone: I am a new grad RN. My PCP has been kind enough to try and help me out while I job search. He's helped me in the past and now is asking if I would be willing to do follow up visits to some of his patients in... Read More

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    Not only to leave on a good note, but I would never abandom my clients without assuring they will have someone to fill in for me.

    Start date is to be first week of April. Background check takes at least 3 to 4 weeks so I am still in the process of it. Let me know how it goes with Montefiore.

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    Any luck with Montefiore?
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    Nope. Unfortunately, nothing yet.
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    Haven't heard back either. But I am already in orientation for my new job with hospital of NYC HHC so it does not matter anymore. I told you Montefiore is very slow with everything HR/hiring related. I am grateful were I am at now. It is Montefiore's loss, is how I see it, they took too long so I went elsewhere. Good luck to all of you still waiting on them.
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    Glad to hear! Congratulations! Hows orientation going thus far? Please share your experience, if you don't mind.
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    Hi. Orientation was 2 weeks of classroom orientation in which we learned policies, procedures, and reviewed clinical skills. Out of 11 RNs in this months orientation, 7 were new grads from 2011 or 2012. After 2 weeks we went to our units, where we are assigned Preceptors and will be in orientation for 8-12 wks depending on our department. If our department includes several units we rotate through each unit. It's a great learning experience so far. If you want more specifics you can let me know your email and we can discuss. I would say send me PM on here, but you need to have over a certain number of posts on in order to be able to sent PMs.
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    Nice! I'm glad you're enjoying the experience so far. I FINALLY heard back from Montefiore 2 weeks ago! They offered me a part time position in oncology. I'm also waiting to hear back from Mout Sinai though, so i don't know. In the meantime I started the background check and such for Montefiore. And i can't PM you yet
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    Congratulations! Finally something...this job search was too long right? In my second week of orientation I got another job offer and then job interview call for another hospital. Really, now... Once I am no longer looking for a hospital job they start calling My job so far is very busy and the orientation and all does not leave me time to pick up any shifts elsewhere. What is a part time schedule like? My email is , In case you want to contact me.
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    Hi everyone. I was wondering if you began working at Monti and if so, how's it going? What's it like? How many hours are you required to work and what kjnd of shift is it? Congrats on the position!
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    Hi. Actually, I did not go to Montefiore. Montefiore took too long with their HR interviewing process (over 3 months) and while waiting I received an offer from an HHC hospital, KCH in Brooklyn so I took it. I think everything for a reason because I really like my job at KCH. My advice to you is apply everywhere and what is a good place for you will work out, not immediately but in due time.
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