Please help (Endorsement from NY to Compact State)

  1. Hi Everyone,
    I have recently got a RN license in New York state. And i am thinking of endorsing my license to any of the compact state due to some personal reason. I dont have a SSN number. That was the reason why i applied in NY state. Will they require SSN if i want to endorse my license ? I was also wondering to ask how long does the endorsement process normally take? Any website you guys can recommend for the endorsement process?

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  3. by   maryfeb
    Yes I myself am in nys as a LPN and you go to nursing boards for the state you want to move to and fill out online or print and mail the endorsement application. Usually. $175.00 then to verify is $30.00 all that is on the website of nursing boards for each state.
  4. by   paltu
    thank you Maryfeb..
    Will follow.
  5. by   Silverdragon102
    Each state is different and some will not issue a license without a US SSN regardless if you received a license in another state. If trained outside the US you will still, in most cases, have to meet requirements as if applying as initial applicant this may mean doing CES or other acceptable course evaluation
  6. by   edmia
    I'm very confused. How do you expect to be employed without a SSN? Do you gave a valid work permit? Green card? If you do just apply for a SSN. If you don't, then legally you can't work in the US.

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  7. by   elkpark
    By the way, the NLC (Nurse Licensure Compact) is meaningless unless you are living in a "compact state" (state that is a member of the NLC). If you apply for licensure in a compact state from out of state, you will get a license (assuming you meet all the requirements, that is), but it will be a traditional, "regular" license that is only good in that state and cannot be used to work in any other state. You can only get a license with "compact privileges" (that will be recognized by other compact states) if you are maintaining a permanent residence in the state.