Please Help Desperate RN!!!

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    Hi all,

    I am new to allnurses, I hope to find helpful info on this forum..Thanks for having me.
    Has anyone taken the pre employment pharmacology exam at Montefiore Medical Center? I am in desperate need of a review, I have been out of school since Dec 2009, took my state board in March of 2010 and I have yet to find an RN position. I am just so stressed right now that I cant even put it in words. If anyone knows of any facilities that are hiring new grad associate degree RNs please let me know.

    Also I used to work at Montefiore and before I left I took their RN pharmacology exam and passed it in April of 2011 but there were no positions available so in May I left them for an RN position at AHRC NYC. Due to budget cuts I was unable to stay at AHRC NYC and I had already resigned from Montefiore so now Im left with no job and unable to get unemployment because I resigned.
    about a month after working at AHRC NYC Montefiore called me back about a position they wanted to offer me and the HR recruiter told me that I didnt have to take the exam over because I had already taken it. When I show up to meet with the HR recruiter she says that I have to retake the exam because I am a rehire, this is crazy. Is there anything that I can do about this situation. I feel like the HR recruiter set me up for failure because why did I have to take the test again if I passed it in April and it was still in my file.
    Someone please help and give me some guidance, If you guys know anywhere that is hiring I would appreciate the info as well as a pharm review course to brush up on my medication administration skills so when I have to take another test I'll pass it.


    Lost and confused, RN
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    You can always Google Nursing Pharmacology or Nursing Pharmacology Quizzes. Find ones to use that are suitable for you. Most have everything you need such a formulas, the answers, and an explanation when you get the answer wrong. This is what I do to brush up before any tests for a job. Bookmark them for future use.
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    Thanks dance4life, I have been doing that and I cant find anything that is almost similar to what they ask on pharm exams
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    Quote from MochaNurse
    Thanks dance4life, I have been doing that and I cant find anything that is almost similar to what they ask on pharm exams
    Most exams are what you would use in your career, such as the formulas, medication administration, dosages, etc. As long as you know these you should be okay.
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    Thanks I will definitely take your advice, do you know any places that hire new grad RNs with their associates in NY
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    No dear I am experienced nurse who has been looking for 3 years. I need advice myself, but I sure know about how to take tests, lmao! I never knew how to take tests in Nursing School though, go figure.
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    LOL, wow and you still cat find a job..Im sorry!!
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    Totally okay! I am in a different location and I can't work day shift. You will find something just keep on trying Indeed and Craigslist. Sometimes too, the Unemployment boards post jobs before the Internet boards do.
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    Ok Thanks again for the advice I will definitely check it out, are you currently working as a RN?
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    I work for an agency, but they never call me to work. So I am still looking for a permanent position. Your welcome and good luck.

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