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Good evening. I have to take pharmacology exam in NY Methodist Hospital and I do not have any idea what I suppose to study. What kind of book can be helpful in this situation? Is it going to be... Read More

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    I recently took the exam, it wasn't bad...its about 30 something questions as someone stated before. You will have to know how to calculate and convert units of measurement (mcg to mg, oz to ml, kg to lb etc).

    Its really all about the basics, Im glad I didnt spend too much time memorizing a bunch of meds, the most important ones are insulin, heparin and digoxin. Best of luck to those about to take the test

    Those who passed the exam were scheduled for a face to face interview the next day.
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    Aside from the calculations was the exam all multiple choice?
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    so the pharm exam was mostly med math?

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