Pharm Exam Study Guide??

  1. Hi everyone. I recently got contacted for an interview at NYU Langone Hospital. I see that the very first thing I am doing before even meeting the recruiter is taking a pharm exam . My previous experience has been in the OR where we didn't really do too much with med administration. I've read many threads on here of other hospitals offering study guides but there were none provided for this one!! Does anyone know of a website or anything where I can brush up on the basics quickly? My interview is next week!! HELP PLEASE!!
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  3. by   dariah
    When I had an interview at NYU a few years ago the test was just dosage calculations and a piece of cake.
  4. by   UpliftingRN
    Ok that would be a relief!! So there were no drug action/interaction questions or abbreviations/equivalents/lab values?
  5. by   mystory
    You're not missing much! I got a study packet from St. Luke' just lists literally hundreds of meds. We need to know the "generic and trade names, classification, indications, side effects, contraindications, route, dosages, teaching information" for all of them. Yeah, right . Good luck on your test!