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Hello, I just wanted to know if anyone has gotten their acceptance letter for the Fall 2012 CDP program at pace. Thank you... Read More

  1. by   brooklyn2012
    Hello Ashley,

    I am waiting to hear if I got in for the 1 year program for Fall 2012.

    Thanks for posting. I have a few questions for you.

    What have you thought of the quality of the classes you have taken so far?

    How difficult are the exams/papers/assignments?

    Have you found the clinical rotations a good learning experience and where have you been placed thus far?

    Thanks for your responses.

  2. by   als224
    Hi Abigail.

    For the 2-year track, we only take half of the classes each semester, and nearly all of the clinical courses are in the second year. The only clinical I have done has been psych, which was at Beth Israel, and was interesting, but short. (Supposedly it's more to just give you a small amount of exposure to the specialty as most nurses will not work in that area.)

    Here's a short breakdown of the classes I've taken so far:
    Patho 1 & 2, and Pharmacology- All have/had the same professor, **********, and she is WONDERFUL. Very helpful and gives a lot of great interactive lectures. That being said, there is a lot of content covered, making these some tough classes. Of those students who I know have been placed on academic probation due to low GPAs or inadequate grades, these classes have been contributors to that in most cases. They're definitely manageable classes, but prepare to do a lot of studying.
    Communications- Not very exciting, but not very difficult either. The professor, Dr. ****, is very knowledgeable, especially about geriatrics, and tells stories that often reminded me of why I want to become a nurse. The main difficulty I had with testing in this class was not knowing what to study as a lot of the content is very general, common-sense type stuff.
    Psych- Briefly covers psychiatric disorders and some medications. Professor **** has some great stories about her time working as a psych nurse that really make the class interesting, and the exams aren't too bad.
    Ethics- The ethics professor I had has left Pace to head the nursing program at UC Santa Barbara, so I won't go into his course.
    Two masters courses, Decision-making in Nursing and Concepts of Primary Health Care- Two online, theory-based courses that are pretty easy. Less content based, and more self-reflective, these courses are excellent GPA boosters.

    I have heard from some of the 1-year students that they had qualms with their professors for Peds/OB, but I don't really have any details to provide.

    Overall, I have enjoyed the program so far, but I also know others who have their complaints, mostly about lack of support for students. For most people, though, if you are prepared to work hard, study long hours, and work with your classmates, it's certainly possible to succeed in the program.

    I hope this was helpful!

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  3. by   brooklyn2012

    Thanks for your response, it was very helpful.

    I am prepared to give the program all of my attention and I plan to spend a lot of time studying, so I think I will be okay.

    Hopefully I will meet you in peds/ob.

    take care and have a nice summer.

  4. by   paazie
    Hi, thanks to everyone that has posted these valueable information on this forum.I applied to pace for 2012 fall semester ABSN program. I received my status report last week, stating that admission this year was very competitive, that I am qualified for the program, but on waiting list, that I will be contacted if there is opening in the waiting list. Does anybody have this experience or know of anyone that can share it. I really want to know how it goes and how long it might take.
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  5. by   brooklyn2012

    Were you notified my mail?
    Did they tell you how many people will be in the wait list pool?

  6. by   lifeismuzik
    Hey Paazie!I am applying this year to start at the NYC campus next year and am trying to figure out what my chances are I being wait listed or getting accepted. Would you mind sharing any of your raw stats? Eg gpa, gre, clinical experience or the like?I wish you the best I luck...please keep us posted here about what they say!
  7. by   paazie
    I was notified by mail. I applied may this year. I believe it is on first come first serve bases. They consider your first degree GPA and individual preriquisite course grade. They will rather consider those that ve it all A's before C's. When I call to check on my application status, I was told that I was qualified but, bcos I had a C in one of the prerequisites, my case was kepted aside until I called. Thereafter I received letter from the school that I was placed on waiting list.
  8. by   lifeismuzik C put you on the wait list! Tough program but I wish you the best. Keep us posted on this thread!
  9. by   brooklyn2012
    It is very competitive to get into ABSN programs in NYC right now. A C grade in your pre-reqs is a big deal when you are in the pool with folks who have gotten all A's on the pre-reqs and have high GPA's from undergrad.

    Best of luck to all.
  10. by   lifeismuzik
    I have a couple Cs but none are in my prereqs. All of my prereqs are As except 1 A- and one B+. I have a few Cs but none are in my prereqs and only one is in a science. I hope that doesn't preclude me from these programs, but we will see!Approximately what was your undergrad GPA and GPA in prereqs? are you applying elsewhere as well?Please keep us posted about your application as well!Best of luck!
  11. by   lifeismuzik
    I would also definitely be interested in chatting on AIM or Skype about this with you. I know no one else going through this process and having someone else to chat with every so often would be nice. If this is too forward, disregard it, but let me know if it would interest you! My username is the same on those sites as it is here.
  12. by   muffin1120
    i got a letter saying "you are on the waiting list for the fall 2012 term. if we are unable to offer you a spot for the fall you may choose to start the program in the spring 2013 in pleasantville or the fall 2013 in nyc" i guess i am in..just a matter of when i will start the program..

    does anyone know how the graduate part of the program works?
  13. by   lifeismuzik
    Wow muffin...that is an awesome outcome!! Congrats!What do you want to know specifically about the graduate portion of the program?