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Hello! I just applied to Pace University's CDP program starting in fall 11. Ive read some pretty negative things on this website about the program but most of the posts were from 2010 and... Read More

  1. by   mzbojangles1
    Hi all,
    I was wondering if anyone that was accepted to the program had completed the last of their pre-reqs the semester prior to entering the program. I'm getting some mixed messages from Pace's grad admissions office and I was hoping someone here may be able to help me out.

    I will be completing Chem & Micro fall '12 and have applied to the Spring '13 program. I will have AP 1 & 2 completed. Previously I was told that as long as the courses are completed prior to the start of the program that I'd be considered for acceptance. Now they are saying my application might not even be reviewed if I don't have at least 3 science grades available.

    Did anyone get accepted that was in a similar situation to me? Also, does anyone know of any accelerated Chem or Micro courses at local schools that I could take to get around this issue. I really want to get in for Spring '13. I live too far from NYC to consider that program.

    Thanks in advance!!!
  2. by   Ozzy84
    I spoke yesterday and you have to alread taken at least 3 science course and you must finished all pre req before class started
  3. by   starrspun
    Hi, I am in the exact same situation with my pre requisites. I was also told that they will consider my application as long as I am finishing micro and chem this fall. Have you heard anything more from pace regarding this? Thanks!!
  4. by   mscush
    Quote from als224
    hi all!

    I started the pace cdp program at the nyc campus in fall 2011, and am doing it over 2 years. So far, i have had a generally positive experience. The professors i've had up to this point, though occasionally a bit disorganized, are passionate and knowledgeable about both nursing and teaching. Many have widely varying experiences in nursing and their commitment to the nursing profession often serves to remind you why you have chosen the field for yourself.

    There is a lot of pressure put on the students to hold regular study groups and really work together to learn the material. The information is made available, but it is certainly your job to know it, and know it well. Our small group of 2-year students (there are 4 of us) meets 1-2 times a week in addition to the scheduled classes, and it seems to be beneficial. All four of us hold part-time jobs. It's my opinion that it would be extremely difficult to undertake the 1-year program and work at the same time.

    From first to second semester, we lost about 2 students of the original 21 or so. I know that at least one of those two has transferred to the program at pleasantville. The classes are not easy, but you certainly learn a lot of valuable information, and it is definitely interesting.

    As far as pace university as a whole, like others have said, they're slow with admissions, slow with financial aid, and can generally be a bit of a pain in the butt, but i think that the nursing program faculty (at least those that i've worked with thus far) have made up for it.

    I believe that if you come into the program prepared to work your butt off, you will succeed.

    Please feel free to contact me with any questions, and i will answer them as best i can.

    hey ashley! Im looking to apply to pace uni. Nursing prigram in nyc.. What are the pre- reqs for the program?