Pace ABSN program starting 2013

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    I know it's early, but is anyone else looking at Pace's ABSN program to start in 2013? I'm 90% finished with my prerequisites and just getting the pieces together to start the application process!

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    Hi ARickli, I think I'll be applying to Pace's January 2013 CDP (in layman's terms, the ABSN) as backup. Pace would be my first choice if it were not for the price tag! The graduates from the CDP program seem to be very well prepared for the nursing profession.

    Last I checked, for the 2013-2014 school year, the CDP program will cost $16,048/semester. There are 3 semesters. 6 graduate credits are included in the program. I believe each graduate credit costs $1,103.

    $48,144.00 (3 semesters) + $6,618.00 (6 graduate credits) = $54,762.00
    This not including fees, books, etc...

    Am I correct? What do you think? Anything you can or want to share?
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    Since the 6 graduate credits are taken within the 3 semesters, I would think that the $16,048 per semester would cover that. Therefore, I think $48,144 would cover the entire program.

    "The graduates from the CDP program seem to be very well prepared for the nursing profession."

    Why do you say that? Do you know nurses that went to Pace? I'm asking because I'm considering attending Pace CDP this September.

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    Maybe you're right about the graduate credits being included in the cost. I'll have to ask at the open house (on May 21st in the evening, by the way, if you're interested!)

    I called Pace and asked about their NCLEX pass rate. It's 100%. That's amazing. Of course, this does not necessarily guarantee you will be a great nurse. But I would think it still say something about the program and about how the students are prepared. The CDP program at Pace sounds extremely rigorous, with students needing to pass clinical exams with a 90% in the beginning of the program, and a 95% towards the end, as well as needing to maintain a high GPA. I believe I read on the website that a 77% was considered a failing grade. Don't quote me on this (about the 77%) but I know I'm in the ballpark.

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    From what I hear, this program kicks out a lot of students because of failing grades. If that's true then I'm not sure what their NCLEX pass rate would indicate.
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    I've heard that too, but solely from reading posts on this website. My guess would be that if you can make it through a very rigorous program, then you are likely to do well on the NCLEX. Pace's Lienhard school of Nursing seems to hold its students to high standards. That's good, but I'm sure very stressful for students!
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    I am a pace grad..Please be very careful considering Pace, the DO kick alot of people out due to their 77% failing grade in just 1 class. Other schools have a 65% failing grade, and they will let you continue as long as you dont get another failing grade. But at Pace, you get one C, and you are OUT the program. If I knew this before, I would have not have gone to Pace.
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    Thanks so much for your post, jomajoma. IF you feel comfortable doing so, can you share with us:

    -When you graduated
    -Your former gpa upon admittence
    -How difficult the program is
    -If support systems were put in place for students to succeed
    -If you had a science background before beginning the program
    -If you believe students should be strong in math
    -How well prepared for the profession you and your peers felt after graduating
    -Job prospects/offers upon graduation for you and your cohort

    Anything additional you'd like to share would be welcomed. Thanks in advance, and congrats!!!
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    Hi ABSN, I graduated in May 2011. I had a BS in Biochem and MS in Biomedical Science prior. My GPA I believe was a 3.2, or a little higher (I dont really remember). The program is VERY difficult...but I finished, so its doable. After graduating in May, I got married in August, so I was busy working (I still worked as a clinical research coordinator during school) and planning for my wedding before I took the NCLEX in December. I just moved to Dallas just last week, have a couple of interviews for new graduate programs here.

    Pace is a good school, just make sure you study like no ones business. I believe all of us passed the NCLEX on the first try. It is what you make of it.
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    Thanks so much for your response jomajoma. Congrats on getting married! I wish you the best of luck in Dallas.
    Would you happen to know how many of your peers were able to find work as an RN after passing the NCLEX exam at Pace? Has it been hard for them? Easy? A mixture of both?

    Thanks again!!

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