NYU Transfers Fall 2012 - page 2

Hey Everyone!! Just trying to reach out to anyone else who is in the process of transferring into NYU's nursing program for this fall! My name is Samantha, I was a bio major but decided that... Read More

  1. by   breukelen
    i recommend calling NYU to make sure they have everything they need..
    in Albert, everything is checked off for me.. i know that they've started releasing decisions for some students for the accelerated BSN program as of Thursday of last week..
  2. by   Mzungu10
    My transcripts were not checked off until the day that I was accepted. I sent them an email to make sure that everything was delivered to them and they got to me quickly, so I would recommend that. Even after they told me everything was there the transcripts were not checked off. I was accepted on Thursday along with other people, but I still dont know about my financial aid award yet. I think many people are waiting to hear from financial aid before making the $500 deposit, and I think many will decide not to go because they got accepted to other schools. i have until the 26th of this month to make the deposit. So, I wouldnt worry too much right now.
  3. by   Mzungu10
    There is a facebook group for Fall 2012 accelerated students, its called NYU ADSN Fall 2012. Ask to join if you are definitely going to NYU this fall..
  4. by   Mzungu10
    sorry.. its called NYU ABSN Fall 2012 on facebook.