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Hi everyone, There was no forum for NYU BSN applicants, so I thought I'd start one. Hello, is there anybody out there? :wavey:... Read More

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    Congrats for everyone who got in! To those who haven't heard any news, don't lose hope they are still in the process of reviewing applications!

    @ktg80 I changed the credits on Albert. After logging in and going to the financial aid page, there was a button that said "Anticipated Enrollment". After that it should be easy to change the amount of credits. Unfortunately. I think for the summer semester we will have a different financial package that they will determine later.

    For those interested in my Financial Aid Package: I basically didn't get anything besides a $5,000 College of Nursing scholarship and a lot of unsubsidized/federal plus loans shared across two semesters. =// Sucks for me I'm going to have to get the other half of the money from private loans.

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    woops! also forgot to include the facebook group again.

    facebook group: nyu absn fall 2012

    come join!

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    @shygstgurl Thanks for the heads up about changing the anticipated credits in Albert! Just logged in and changed mine so it would be great if they changed the award amount. Have you officially accepted? I am still feeling anxiety about the finances so I have been putting off pushing the accept button. I will though... soon...
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    @ktg80 I already accepted because I'm between NYU and Samuel Merritt here in Cali. Samuel Merritt decisions don't come out until June so I decided to accept NYU's admissions offer. I'm worrying over all the loans I have to take out to pay for NYU but I'm also pretty excited for the program to start! =)
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    Congrats everyone who get into the program. Did anyone get acceptance email after applying March 1st ? ( I am just wondering ) Do they really let students know the decision based on rolling basis ?
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    I got my acceptance letter on the 19th and I applied right on the deadline. I know the cost is high and I will be indebted woefully but I'm going, I think I would regret it if I didn't. Good luck to everyone else and I look forward to meeting those of you planning to go.
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    sks1, I applied after March 1st and still haven't heard back yet. I'm not too sure about the decision process.
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    To everyone that accepted/ paid the deposit online: So I logged on to accept and pay the deposit and did receive a receipt via email that the payment was received. However, it said that after I clicked to submit the payment- I would be brought back to the screen to check payment status (which was the last step). It did not take me back to that screen though! When I logged back on the button to accept/ decline was gone so I am assuming it went through? I emailed them but am freaking out- did I do it correctly? What is the next step? Did anyone receive further instructions about enrollment?
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    Yep, that's how it was like for me too. The only things to come after were the acceptance package, financial aid on Albert, and the deposit payment on my credit card bill.
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    So what is our next step after paying the deposit? I haven't received any info on registering for classes. When are we supposed to do that? I wasn't sure of that was something I was supposed to be doing now?

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