NYU Accelerated Program (+prereqs)

  1. Hi all,

    I have been looking at schools in NYC that offer an accelerated program and it seems like NYU is my first choice. I have other options as well, such as SUNY Downstate and Hunter, but those are much too difficult to get accepted into, and it just doesn't seem worth my time to complete pre-reqs for those schools when there is a high chance that I won't even get into them.

    From what I've read in these forums, NYU has a much higher acceptance rate, mainly due to its high tuition, but with a little bit of money saved up, and through loans, I hope be able to manage.

    My question is where to complete my pre-reqs. I've been researching CUNYs and local community colleges to take courses as a non-degree student, but I realized how difficult it is to get seats in those classes, since all the full-time students would have already signed up for classes by the time a non-degree student can register.

    So I figured it could be possible to complete my prereqs at NYU itself. I'm not sure if anyone is familiar with this, but see the below link for the application:


    Does it sound reasonable to anyone that I can complete all the prereqs (I already took Statistics and Chemistry in college), which include AP, Nutrition, Dev Psych, and Microbio in 1-2 semesters and then start right away in the NYU accelerated program? Is that how the program works if I am applying for a 2nd degree in nursing?

    Thanks for your help! I hope to hear from those who have gone through the same thing I expect to and are going to/have attended NYU through its accelerated program. Thanks again!
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  3. by   CareQueen
    NYU was second on my list to apply to the second-degree accelerated program as well. However, since I got into my first choice school, I won't need to apply anymore. In any case, the great thing about their program is that you can still apply to the program without having finished the pre-reqs and even finish them there if you know you won't be able to complete them prior to beginning the program. However, I think you should take that option as a last resort as it will be MUCH more expensive than simply taking the pre-reqs at a community college beforehand. One way to get around the "non-degree" student issue at community colleges, which is also something that I did, is to simply declare a pre-nursing major or something closely related (even though you have no intention of finishing it). That way you can choose courses at the same time as everyone else and you'll also eligible for government loans to help pay for the courses should you need it. ( I did!)

    Yes, you are correct you can take all of the pre-reqs directly before entering the program. That is what I'm doing currently for Hopkins' ABSN program and the same is possible for NYU's ABSN program. Although you'll be cutting it close, just think of it as a surefire way to make sure you pass!
  4. by   eca2493
    Hi- I did all of my prereqs at BMCC (cuny community college) and didn't have trouble getting into the classes. Some sections fill up but if your schedule is flexible you should be able to get into all the classes. A lot of sections also open up the day before class or the first day because a lot of people get dropped for not paying their tuition bill.

    I was nondegree my first semester but then matriculated so that I could register sooner and the tuition is a bit cheaper. I haven't taken out new loans for the prereqs but since I am matriculated my existing loans went into deferment, which is a nice plus since I'm only working part time and paying for school.

    Good luck!