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NYU ABSN Spring 2013

  1. 0 Hello, I'm a long time AN reader, first time poster. I haven't seen any discussion about spring 2013 entry, so I thought I would start.

    When are you guys going to apply? august or sept?
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    Hello! I am applying to the Spring 2013 program. Just getting the last of the documents in this week and then its the waiting game. I am also applying to PACE. I like how theses two schools have the dual ABSN and Masters programs as that is what I would like to do
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    Where you able to check if the school received your documents before submitting your application? (The undergraduate admissions dept told me once I have submitted my application online only then will they be able to check if they have all my files.)
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    That is usually how it goes, you can only check once you have your application in.. so I got mine in first for that reason
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    Hi, I'm applying to the ABSN program too. Just wondering what are your stats? I have horrible undergrad GPA from a good university, but all my pre-reqs are all A's except B in stat and C in physio. I don't have much hospital volunteer work but I've been working in the ICU environment for more than 5 years now. I work with nurses everyday at work in clinical setting and that's mainly what got me interested in nursing.
    I read a thread from last year and the year before on NYU and they say the admission rate was 35%. Does anyone know what's the rate now?
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    Hi all, I too am applying for the ABSN Spring 2013 program. I am planning on submitting all my paperwork and application this week!

    evysz, I too don't have amazing undergrad grades...I finished with a 3.05 but so far my pre-reqs are all A's. But I am applying without having all of my pre-reqs done. My story is a bit different in that I graduated with a BS in Health Policy back in 1998! So, I'm an "older" applicant.

    Does anyone know if NYU begins to look at the applications after 10/1/12 or do they review them if they come in earlier???

    Also, anyone willing to share the years they graduated college? I'm curious to know if I'm really too old or just in the middle
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    One more thing...has anyone heard anything good about NYUs program? I just came across a bunch of postings from this summer (ABSN Fall 2012 thread) and a couple of people currently in the program bashed NYU and the nursing program! A little unnerving...
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    Hello! I have also applied to the Spring 2013 program. I am 24 years old and from California!
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    Me too. I applied last month, but I just rec'd my logon to check status today. I am very excited as well.
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    Hi guys I applied to NYU as well. I applied late August/early September but I just got a e-mail saying they just received my application. Does anyone know approx how much the program would cost in total without housing?
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    Hey everyone how's it going, been looking for a thread for the NYU ASBN Spring 2013 for some time now.

    I turned in my application about a week ago, called the school this week and they said they received everything and that I made early decision deadline. The assistant I spoke to was very helpful and said the early decision said give it a few weeks to hear back.

    A little about myself is I'm 22, graduating this fall with about a 3.2 with a major and minor. I have over 3000 hospital hours so I hope that helps.

    I'm spending Thanksgiving in NYC so i hope to hear something by than.

    Good luck to everyone and hope we can all help each other through this

    ps- I heard approx the cost of the program is about 60k-70k
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    I got my albert login about a week ago in the mail. I am waiting anxiously!
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    I applied to the spring 2013 program, too I got my application in on 9/25, but my recommenders are taking FOREVER to get their letters in. Best of luck to everyone applying!!! We'll have to support each other through this waiting process.