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Hello, I'm a long time AN reader, first time poster. I haven't seen any discussion about spring 2013 entry, so I thought I would start. When are you guys going to apply? august or sept?... Read More

  1. by   hopefulapplicant
    I spoke to the admissions office and was told that they will send out a couple/few batches of email decisions per week from now until mid/end of December. I am assuming the next batch will go out on Thursday if they follow the same process used in past years.
  2. by   BayArea510
    Congrats to the people who got in!!!! I applied for the regular decision, but I hope I will hear back soon!
  3. by   Ginamarie119
    I am in as well. Congrats everyone.... SOOOO excited!
  4. by   tm10016
    For the people who got in. What were your credentials (gpa, major, work experience, etc.)? I'm still waiting anxiously
  5. by   dkol97
    Quote from tm10016
    For the people who got in. What were your credentials (gpa, major, work experience, etc.)? I'm still waiting anxiously
    My GPA in college was a 3.3, and my prereq GPA was a 3.98. I got a BS in psychology and worked for two years on substance abuse research. I think the work experience made me look the best.
  6. by   san0008
    I got in as well! the email was sent at 12:50pm in eastern time. Congrats to everyone who has been accepted!
    Btw does anyone know when will be the first day of class?
  7. by   ssv78
    Got my email today and I am in!! have not been this happy in awhile! so excited!
    san008 I think it's january 28th…
    Congrats to all! Best wishes to all who have not gotten their emails!
  8. by   LadyL
    I got my acceptance email today as well! Had to read it out loud to believe it! I had a 3.3 undergrad several years ago, a 3.6 for my master's, 3.6 for pre-reqs, 9+ years of work experience in an unrelated field, a CNA course, and various volunteer experience including mentoring and event planning for charity races.

    Good luck to everyone!
  9. by   peachypeach719
    I got in too! Is there a fb page or anything so we can all "meet"?
  10. by   excitedRNNN
    I've looked for an fb group, but I don't think one's been made for Spring 2013 yet. If anyone wants to make a group, and share it with the rest of us that'd be awesome. I think a fb group would be better than a page, b/c we can post in groups and share links/whatever?
  11. by   peachypeach719
    I can make one when I get home in a bit that would be helpful to have! Anyone else a little overwhelmed with wondering how you're going to pay for tuition and where to live? I am... But my excitement and happiness is def stronger!!!
  12. by   NYtoFLRN
    While I have not been accepted yet (fingers crossed!!), I have lived in the city for three years as a grad student. I would be happy to give anyone advice on where to live, etc. I'm especially familiar with Brooklyn- there are a ton of neighborhoods that are SUPER convenient to NYU and are significantly cheaper. If I can be of any help let me know!
  13. by   peachypeach719
    Me too, I lived on the UES for 4 yrs but am excited about living in the village possibly. I'm considering nyu housing, well see what happens