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Hello, I'm a long time AN reader, first time poster. I haven't seen any discussion about spring 2013 entry, so I thought I would start. When are you guys going to apply? august or sept?... Read More

  1. by   Ginamarie119
    I had a transcript "go missing" requiring me to send an unofficial copy immediately and a new one for my file. After sending it out, I received this response on 11/6:

    "We'll let you know if we need any further credentials or information, but have received your unofficial transcript. You should be all set for now. We will begin notifying students of their admission decisions between mid-November and mid-December.

    Hope that helps... Good luck everyone, sounds like we are close

  2. by   j2mp79
    I think working one or two evenings is definitely possible first semester. Second semester gets a bit busier so might be hard to keep up with it then.
  3. by   knh339
    Ahhh! So exciting. I check Albert on a daily basis haha. I know the storm set everything back a little bit, but hopefully not too far .
  4. by   excitedRNNN
    @GinaMarie Wow that's ridiculous, but at least everything's good now! How did you find out they "lost" a transcript?

    Good luck everybody!!!!!!!!!!
  5. by   svdbygrc2k9
    Early Decision I and Hurricane Sandy

    They'll start sending out decisions this week. I really want to know this week so I don't have to write another essay for another school.
  6. by   jhlucchesi
    Omg thanks for sending that link svdbygrc2k9! That just gave me butterflies, I am going to be so anxious all week now until I hear!!! Good luck everyone!!
  7. by   smichaud
    Quote from svdbygrc2k9
    Early Decision I and Hurricane SandyThey'll start sending out decisions this week. I really want to know this week so I don't have to write another essay for another school.
    Omg!! thanks svdbygrc2k9. Im sooo nervous. Will be checking Albert and my personal email. Good luck to everyone who applied!! I have my fingers crossed
  8. by   knh339
    From what I read in the past year's threads (and I read all of them back to 2010 ), decisions were sent out on Tuesdays/Thursdays in batches.

    I'm concerned because my check for the application fee hasn't been deposited yet :/ ...I've called twice and they insisted they have everything. But then again I was a late applicant and I'm sure the storm set things back considerably.

    Best of luck to everyone!
  9. by   eliz7854
    Hi knh339 - don't worry about the check. They took a month to deposit mine.
  10. by   RhodyRed
    Where did you guys hear that they were sending out decisions this week???? When I called last week I was told mid-November but nothing specific. So exciting!
  11. by   knh339
    Thanks Eliz7854! And RhodyRed if you look up a few posts someone posted a NYU link that states that decisions will start to come out after Nov 12...it is basically mid November! Crazy how fast this year is flying by.
  12. by   svdbygrc2k9

    It's in NYU's website: Early Decision I and Hurricane Sandy
  13. by   svdbygrc2k9
    Anybody heard from NYU yet?