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Hello, I'm a long time AN reader, first time poster. I haven't seen any discussion about spring 2013 entry, so I thought I would start. When are you guys going to apply? august or sept?... Read More

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    I got accepted Last week and i'm really excited to move to New York! The only thing I'm worried about finding a place to live :-/ Do we need to be there by January 7th?

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    marcopolo12 - here are some options

    1. On-campus housing. However, if you are considering dorming, the spring application is due November 30th. If you log into Albert, there should now be a student section added, and you can find the link to Housing on the left if you scroll down

    2. Off-campus housing. If you log into your home.nyu.edu and click on NYU Life tab at the top, you can peruse through their off-campus housing registry...scroll down and it will be on the bottom left

    3. Craigslist

    I don't know about having to be there by January 7th, I thought we started on the 28th?

    Hope this helps
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    Did anyone get an email decision today? I know they usually send out on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I'm wondering if they're waiting for the first pool of accepted applicants to give they're decision on dec 4th before they let anyone else know. I called admissions they said all decisions should be sent out within two weeks. Crossing my fingers...
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    Has anyone paid the $1000 eDeposit for housing? How long did it take for the payment to show up in your account activity on Bursar?
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    Thanks for the great post! I was thinking of working while attending NYU. You mentioned it is definitely possible first semester but not second? What about the third semester? And overall how would you rate the workload per semester. Are there harder semesters and easier ones? I've been out of school for 6 years so I'm a little rusty with that.
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    Whats the workload like per semester?
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    Rach27 I have been taking pre-reqs at NYU for two semesters now and will start the clinical phase in January. I have heard from many students that the workload is pretty heavy and it gets worse as you progress into the program. We will have at least five classes per semester, some with Lab and recitation on top of the lecture, so even from the get go five classes I think it's a lot to handle and manage work too. I have a friend who is in her first semester and has been working at a bar, but she doesn't think she will be able to keep working even a mindless job for much longer.
    Hope that helps.
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    Hello, has anyone who applied after Oct 1st received an admission decision for the 15 months program.
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    Yeah...has anyone received anything this past Tuesday & today, since those are the two days that everyone else has been notified.

    &tonia12....I haven't heard back and I applied the day prior to Oct. 1. I'm starting to just have the mindset that I didn't get in to brace myself.
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    i dont think they sent out this tuesday and thursday because theres been no chatter at all on this website. i heard that they ask for a decision for the first round of accepted people by december 4th, so i bet you the rest will be finding out shortly after the 4th. This is just a guess. I was looking at the forum for last year, and people were finding out until the 21st of dec, so dont give up. but i agree, im going in not expecting anything and preparing for a back up plan.

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